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Sunday Prep☀️

ninja warrior photography Sacramento California

What's up Team Nibbles Fitness!

OMG, the memory of having this picture taken in Sacramento! That is Randy's truck behind me with the lights. That was Ryan the photographer's idea. Randy and another friend where at the peripheral guarding us as we were focused on the photography session. There were some guys doing a side show spinning out on the other side of this nearly empty underground parking garage, at night, in old town Sacramento. Randy was not one bit happy and said never again will we be doing this! This was several years ago, before the big cities started going feral. No way would we be able to do this now. Still, that night was a fond memory for me and my accomplishments.


I REALLY HOPE I have helped give you hope to really go all in on yourselves through education


- Due Once a week. You need to be tracking EVERYTHING when sending assessments: (Food, Supplements, Workouts, Water, New Picture, & New Weigh-In) or else they don’t say much.

Send me a message about your assessment and, please: Tell me one positive thing about your assessment! 😎


- Every morning Monday through Friday at 9am Central Time

Sunday Checklist ✔️

- Meal Prep🍽

- Plan The Week out 📝

- Recharge yourself (whether that be reading a book, going for a walk, calling a loved one, anything to refresh the mind) - FILL YOUR CUP ☕️

- Gratitude 🙏🏼

Let's make this week an awesome one! 🔥

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