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Stuck in a rut with weight loss? Me too!

Well, as you can see from the graph I've actually made slow progress, but then it stalled.

Why? Because there were a few days that I took bites of this or that, or guestimated my portion sizes and didn't exactly measure.

Here's my video on Gab where I talk about this.

The only way to make progress is to fix this by making a plan, and sticking to the plan.

It's easy to get mad, when you get on the scale and think it's not fair!!!

I know the feeling well. But the fact is, the calories matter and that's the reality. What matters most is calories and protein.

Approximately one gram of protein per goal body weight, and then cap the calories slightly under your TDEE and keep it there.

Not too low, not too high, right at that calorie sweet spot.

Too low and you slow down your metabolism. Too high and you won't make progress or you might gain if it's over TDEE.

Just right, like Goldilocks. Sometimes I'm just like Goldilocks and I do it just right, I need to get back to that the next few weeks.

It's super hard. Whenever I get stressed out I want to eat!!

There are some proven and scientific ways to succeed at weight loss.

One of those ways is to step on the body weight scale and face reality.

Or take pictures and measurements and face reality.

I know, it feels like too much stress sometimes. It feels too obsessive. I go through periods of time like that too.

But that's putting our head in the sand when we do that. It's avoiding the problem. It's not facing reality.

Those in the forum are helping me right now. Netty, Angie, Gwynne, Laura, Keturah, Gina, Stacy, Shannon, and Joy, you all help me every day!

It takes some grit!

And we get through it with a little help from our friends.

And sometimes my friends in person help me too, Kerry and Bela and I did a little yoga and sipped some tea and chatted a few minutes.

Who needs a little encouragement getting their head up and facing reality?

Or coming up with a plan?

You do know it takes more than logging food right?

The reason many people fail is because they don't make a plan for the day BEFORE they eat. Plan the day and write it down in a journal. The whole day will fit on one page. It's simple, at the top of the page list the total calories and total macros. Then make a section for each meal, and list the calories and macros for each meal.

Easy peasy. You only eat a handful of foods. So you only need a few pages.

Then, you can follow the pages even if you don't have time to "log".

There is a solution for every excuse you come up with. It's a matter of executing the solution.

If you need help, I'm in the My TransPhormation App and I'm willing to help. Add me as your advisor when you are installing the App with and message me right away and let's do this.

And if you are already in there, message me!!! I'm always here for you. Always. Have I not shown up every day for the last 10 years?

Let's do this!


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