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Stop and smell the pine cones

These are the biggest pine cones in the world, right in my backyard.

It's such a crazy world right now. We can throw away the precious moments, or we can appreciate them.

We can prepare for what might happen, or we can throw away that opportunity wasting the time away.

There is always a choice.

The best path isn't always the easy path.

Even now, those little moments of discipline train your body, mind, and spirit.

Having the ability to put aside an instant comfort right now for the good of your future.

Changing your schedule so that you make better and safer choices.

Change is hard for people, I know, it's hard for me too.

Sometimes when you see people adapting to change, it looks easy right? But it's not. Just because people did it doesn't mean it was easy. It just means they pushed through the nitty gritty of it.

Who else gets that?

What did you do today that was hard, that pushed through the nitty gritty even though you didn't feel like it?

I'm doing a few of those things right now. And at the same time, I'll appreciate the huge pine cones in my backyard, and the the beautiful colors of the fallen leaves, and the smell of the rain soaked earth.

And the seasons of life keep changing, and we still have hard choices we have trained ourselves to make all our lives.

And if you haven't trained yourself, you can still start now. Today always matters.

Right now always matters. It counts the most.


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