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Steel Your Courage

Steel your Courage to make good choices

Making good choices isn't the easy path.

Often people embark on a fitness journey not bracing themselves or fully aware of the challenges ahead.

Sometimes it means investing in time, gear, a gym membership, equipment at home, proper shoes, different foods, learning to prepare foods, or purchasing fit meals.

Before my spine surgery I invested in an ice cream machine. It was hard because I needed to justify the purchase. I knew I had hard times ahead and some depression post surgery. I had food prepped and in the freezer as well as had purchased "fit meals" as well as many other items for my temporary disability.

Oh was it a difficult time for me after the surgery! The full hip replacements were merely a warm up for what I was about to deal with after the spine surgery.

chocolate banana protein ice cream

When I was depressed, I was able to have ice cream every day and still get the high quality protein my body needed to heal. I was able to do this without exceeding my calorie intake. None of us needs the extra burden of needing to lose excess body fat when going through difficult times. Gaining excess weight adds to depression and is not helpful.

It was good for me to go into my difficult surgeries knowing all of this and facing the facts.

I got through it! I still have quite a way to go until I'm completely healed, but I have more and more of my life back every day.

What I love the most about the protein ice cream I make now is that I can make it at home in minutes and it doesn't make me feel weird or give me the digestive issues that the store bought versions give me. It has twice the protein and less calories compared to the store bought versions.

calories and macros for red velvet cake protein ice cream

Not bad at all! It helps me get my 1.4 grams of protein per body weight, that is goal body weight since I've been maintaining the "big fat loss phase" for over a decade. I like the higher end of the protein to overcome anabolic resistance.


Here's how the new protein ice cream process works for me:


1 scoop of level-1 protein, any flavor.

1.3 cups of any milk you choose. I typically use unsweetened coconut, cashew, or almond milk.

Sweetener of your choice, in the amount according to your taste.

I've tried other proteins in this recipe and they simply don't have the same level of creaminess as level-1 for a low fat version of ice cream.

protein shake in the ninja container

The process:

Blend the three ingredients in a blender at low speed, and pour into the Ninja container. Do not go over the max fill line. If you accidentally made extra, it's wonderful to drink the leftover.

You can make several flavors at once filling up all the special containers you have. Place the lids on the containers and place in the freezer overnight or longer.

frozen black velvet cake protein

If a large hump forms (this one is okay) then chip it down with a paring knife (carefully and patiently). This is to keep the blade on the nice Ninja machine from getting damaged.

ninja machine making protein ice cream

Use the LITE ICE CREAM button after attaching the components properly to the machine. The buttons won't light up unless the components are lined up properly. It's EASY once you get the hang of it, I promise!

Sometimes I have to do an extra RE-SPIN because there is less fat content in the light ice cream recipe. When I make Randy his full fat version with peanut butter and coconut oil I only need to run it once with the ICE CREAM button. After that I often add nuts and chocolate chips and run the MIX-IN button for him.

Since Randy sees me use the machine every day I was able to easily justify getting the machine. I use it as much as he uses the Vitamix, and in addition I can make him ice cream that he likes. I keep an extra special container in the freezer with his name on it. That way he can ask for ice cream any time and I can quicky have it for him in minutes.

creamy red velvet cake ice cream

Here's the red velvet cake right after spinning. It was a little soft because I only had it frozen for about 8 hours.

red velvet ice cream scoops

The ice cream scoops nicely and can be put in an ice cream cone if you wish.

It's good to think of good things to help with your needing to Steel Your Courage for making good decisions and help ease the way and make it fun.

Tell me something you have done to Steel Your Courage. I realize it means investing in a variety of resources, most importantly, time and planning and thinking ahead. It is different for each person depending on circumstances and the level of problem solving. I love helping my people solve problems in the 1st Phorm App when they are ready to roll up their sleeves and really do it.

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