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Spotlighting the weight loss warrior Netty

Netty has the spirit of a warrior. It's a gift God gave her, not just here with her fitness journey but many aspects of her life.

She is humble and kind, and works hard at all she does with all her heart, mind, and spirit.

She has courage many don't have, and I need her as much as she needs me. I get very lonely sometimes. I need someone to share their fitness courage with me.

You see, it's HARD to be accountable. But once you start, and you keep going even when you don't feel like it, you get a sort of groove. It's building habits and it requires grit.

The grit of a warrior.

It's like I said in my recent video about the scale weight and TDEE and all that, it take patience and you can't quit after just 3 weeks and say it's not working. I explain TDEE in my video and how it fits in, so if you want to understand a little better, watch the video.

The video is on GAB TV and I'll be putting more there from here on out. Feel free to join me on Gab, here's my profile.

Even though Netty said she was frustrated with the scale, check it out, she just started and her weight IS going down:

It's just that the body weight drops in random "chunks" and doesn't always happen in a linear fashion. It can sometimes, some weeks it can be a steady pound or two per week, or even just a half a pound per week (which is huge!)

Other times it can go for weeks with no change, and suddenly you get a whoosh, which is a nickname for a sudden weight drop.

The water composition that ebbs and flows in your body and food sitting in your intestines has a lot to do with that. Your liver alone can fluctuate several pounds in one day.

So again, I talked about this, if you want to understand the body weight and how it fits into your mindset, in the video. Watch it and feel free to ask me questions after you see it. I'm putting together some information to help you understand how TDEE is calculated, so stay tuned for that.

Netty is making her nutrition plan every day and following it, yet at the same time making a few modifications each day by staying in tune with her body.

We converse about this often in the My Transphormation App, which is really important. That's part of the process too. It's a learning process for all of us as we go along.

Netty's doing her own style of carb cycling based on her TDEE and her deficit, and making sure to get 1g of protein daily per body weight.

Setting your protein like that, and then capping your calories, allows you to be flexible with carbs and fats. Some days fats can be higher, other days carbs higher. When carbs are high, fats are low, and vise versa, because both will effect the calories. That's why you cap the calories. It make keeps it very simple that way.

Netty gets a little cramping with low carbs like I do, and it's very common. One way to solve that problem is to take 1-2 tablespoons of Ignition and Phormula-1 to get protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes into the muscle fibers quickly, especially if you are fasting a little and have not eaten recently when taking it.

Also take a full scoop of Phormula-1 and a half scoop of Ignition after a workout for muscle recovery. You can still do this when low carb, and the neat thing about the ignition is it absorbs so fast when depleted from a workout or when depleted from fasting.

One of my friends recently did a blood glucose test and he was so happy about how much the ignition helped improve his glucose levels when he took it post workout along with the Phormula-1.

The reason why the Ignition and the Phormula-1 helps is because both products are both broken down to the most simple level for quick digestion (kind of like pre digested) so that it absorbs into the muscle super quick. It's quicker than whole food. In fact you don't want to add any food when you use these products for this purpose (quick absorbing for recovery) as any food, even milk or other foods, will slow down the digestion process and it will not absorb quickly.

The ignition not only has very quick absorbing carbs to help with muscle glycogen, but vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to help with cramping. This is why it helps us when we are low carb and depleted from fasting or eating very low carb.

Again, you can still take Ignition with the Phormula-1 and be low carb! If you need help understanding why that is, let's chat!

If you have any questions about any of this please let me know. You can ask in comments, or privately in the My TransPhormation App where I coach people.

If you want to join me in the app, it's easy. Simply install the My TransPhormation App, where I can be your advisor.

Have a fantastic Sunday, and be a warrior like Netty (in your own way of course!)

If you want to be highlighted as a Nibbles Fitness warrior, well then follow in Netty's footsteps in the forum, she helps show the way!


Nibbles Fitness

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