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Saturday: Intro to Foundational Supplements (Part 2/2)

post workout nutrition

I’m on a roll, getting stronger with walking, swimming, indoor cycling (still waiting for my spine to fuse so no outdoor biking), and PT exercises. Some exercises are really hard because of the huge cut through my left side making my abs and leg on that side very weak. We all have hurdles to get over or through, or whatever. Let’s keep fighting. I’ll keep making little updates inside the forum here and maybe someone will join me someday again.

Intro to Foundational Supplements (Part 2/2):

I will never hold back information/things to help you guys stay consistent and get the best results possible! Here is a quick overview of the next two products (the Post Workout Stack and Full-Mega) I use daily when appropriate!

Full-Mega: A High Potency of Omega-3s rich in EPA/DHA

Omega-3s help with reducing inflammation, heart health, cognitive function, lowering blood pressure, Insulin response/sensitivity, Decrease/moderate Cortisol levels


Not the sexiest thing but it is important to understand that we need to have a good ratio between omega-3s(anti-inflammatory) and 6s(pro-inflammatory) in our bodies.

With having high amounts of inflammation that is where our body is focusing more (stressed) on decreasing inflammation (not focusing on burning fat for fuel) but now storing it. The body treats inflammation like stress.

If the body is inflamed, it is going to hinder weight loss, making it extremely difficult to lose weight.

So, the moral of the story is choosing more nutrient dense/high quality foods, adding in a high-quality omega-3 supplement, and exercising daily will help naturally decrease the inflammation in our bodies.

Post Workout Stack (Ignition and Phormula-1) which anyone working out should be taking for enhanced recovery and reduced soreness.

Two things we are doing in the gym:



Ignition: high glycemic carbohydrate (fast digesting carb) that will do three things:

1) Tell our bodies to stop the breakdown process.

2) Replenish the glycogen we just depleted in the gym.

3) Help shuttle nutrients to the appropriate places (carbs to muscle glycogen and phormula-1 (the amino acids) to our muscle tissue).

Phormula-1 rapid assimilation hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that is a (rapid digesting protein) paired with ignition that will rapidly send the already broken-down amino acids to the muscle tissue and begin the repair and recovery process.

^^ This is the one-time supplementation will triumph over whole food because we want this process to be FAST.

SPEED IS KEY!! The post workout should be taking within an hour after a high intensity workout, as soon as possible after your last weight training rep or HIIT session. Bring it to the gym!

These are two things that I use on a daily basis, when appropriate, to help me stick to my nutrition plan, filling in the nutrient gaps I have and SEE THE BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE!

Any questions, never hesitate to reach out!


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