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Respectful Low-spirited Stinging Mother's Day

Randy and I love our home. We have over 30 years of memories right here.

Today is Mother's Day. It's blustery and cold here in California. I have friends back East who's plans have been thwarted due to an outbreak of a flu virus. One of them already said "We need a do over for Mother's Day!"

The video was earlier today, since then we've had sleet, wind, hail, and rain and a few moments of sun through the clouds, but it's cold enough for a fire in the wood stove. There is more storms coming in the days ahead, hopefully rain and snow enough to keep the forest fire season at bay later in the summer.

Others are happy and celebrating this beautiful day, and many are sad. Maybe they lost their mom, or are estranged. Maybe they have lost a child or are not able to conceive. There are so many reasons why it might not be ideal.

I'm not necessarily sad today, although some somberness always lingers from the past. I've learned to celebrate and embrace each and every day in my own way. I'm not worried what people think, or who may or may not like me. Life, and each day is just too precious to not dwell on the many blessings.

Mom and daughter on California coast in 1985
Sara and I on the California coastline

I'm a mom, I have a mom of course. Neither relationship is ideal. We don't always get to have it the way we wanted it.

Someone said to me today "Happy Mother's Day! Are you a mom?" When I said yes, my daughter is 38. She said "My goodness, I'm younger than your daughter!" When I explained I'm 61 she couldn't believe it. She asked "What is your secret? I mean, your skin is amazing!" I said "I think I've always taken care of myself, exercise and eating well. Maybe it's genetic. I have great skin but right now my bones are not so great! I guess we all have something good and other things to deal with."

Most holidays I empathize with many who might be sad. Mainly, I can remember what it's like to resent the hyping up during them and so many people looking like they live the perfect lives. I've just learned that number one; it's not the truth that anyone has a perfect life. Even when we achieve our dreams, life gives us all things to deal with. Everyone has a battle you know nothing about.

The best thing about dealing with hard things, is we can learn to live our life differently. We can decide to appreciate and celebrate every day. Randy and I have been through so much together, we like to say "Every day is Christmas or your birthday!" So we live, work, study, pursue our passions, rest when we need to, and celebrate when we want to.

Today we are enjoying our home in the mountains, the warmth of the fire, and the love in our hearts.

little black kitty wrapped in a towel burrito for medicine and hydration injection
Pets can be a lot of work in their later years, it's a big responsibility to own them.

Our oldest kitty, Briquette, still needs us to bundle her up in a burrito towel to administer medicine and inject fluids that keep her alive. Every day we have left with her is a blessing, not to be taken for granted.

61 year old female outdoors
Embrace each day to it's fullest! Don't worry about what others think!

Lately I've been enjoying swimming, working outdoors, and bike rides. Not today, I'm hunkered down inside because of the storm, their is hail and sleet and wind today.

Here's some beautiful pictures from the last couple of weeks.

casa loma california wooded forest road
I love riding my bike through these beautiful woods!

mountain bike at iron point california
My beloved bike, and view!

I'm sticking to my meal plan today, nothing special, just yummy healthy foods I enjoy. In working with so many women in the 1st Phorm App for so long now, I realize that when it comes to losing body fat, that it takes an obsessive mindset. It takes a fighting aggressiveness and a certain amount of grit to overcome all that opposes you while embarking on it. I'm on a roll with my process for me right now and it's something I share day to day with people who interact with me in the App.

It also takes an appreciation and a positive attitude.

I've noticed when those things are missing for people, they tend to give up or give into their low-spirited feelings.

Maybe my having have had these tragedies in my life, enables me to find enough fight to overcome, and to "fight the good fight?"

I know I'm not the only one, a quick internet search shows me I'm not the only one who writes "sad on fill_in_the_blank" holidays. Here are several just for Mother's day:

What women do when they're sad on Mother's Day

A message for those sad on Mother's Day

A mindful Mother's Day

Therefore, I'll celebrate what I want today, I'll do what I want (even if I want to do work), and I'll certainly eat what I choose to eat and the amount that suits my goals right now.

Avocado toast with chicken and sour krout
Avocado toast with chicken.

Salted Caramel protein blended with cottage cheese, topped with pumpkin seeds
Salted Caramel protein pudding with pumpkin seeds.

A few of us have been documenting our favorite recipes inside the forum:

Mendy's Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Protein Pudding

Mendy's Petite Turkey Meatloaf

Simple Protein Custard

Crustless Quiche

I hope your enjoying and celebrating today in your own special way, surrounded by people you love and who understand and love you back.

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