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Rain or Shine?

ladies enjoying the weekend and food

It’s the weekend of the CHALLENGE! Hope those of you in it are committed, locked in & ready to crush it!


  1. PLAN AHEAD: spend some time this evening pre-tracking everything you plan on eating tomorrow!🌟 If you plan on eating out, check the menu online and decide/track what you plan on ordering

  2. HIT PROTEIN EARLY: that way if the day gets away from you, you have set yourself up for a win by still hitting your daily protein goal.

  3. GET MOVEMENT IN EARLY: most of us sleep in on the weekend. don't! Get up at your normal time and get in 45 minutes of movement so that way you can be more present later in the day!

The WEEKEND GAMEPLAN is a PROCESS that will help you get the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE LONG-TERM not just challenge mode!

Pay attention to what you eat on the weekends; 30% of our ENTIRE year is the weekend…

Think, if you fall off Friday-Sunday every weekend… you are getting 70% of the results.

Weekends can benefit you - use them to keep momentum forward.

Or they will keep you where you are. You have to constantly think ahead of what you WANT, and then practice your impulse control tactics. I know it's hard! It's not easy for people who really do it, you see their results but not that it's hard for them too. We are human, of course it's not easy for any of us!

You choose how you want to live your life, remember that!

No one else does for you!

winter run in Gold Run California strava

Yesterday I went for a run, fasted for a change, and enjoyed the one day respite from the rain. I had just enough time to heat up some homemade turkey soup and get to work on the window that was ready to be treated. I can only treat the windows when it is not raining and I can open them (the fumes are too great.) PS I record all of my activities on Strava. Non members of Strava can see my latest activity, and subscribers can see more and follow me there.

Bay window just treated with stain

This is the window I stained yesterday. I finished right before the sun set. There is still a lot of work to do on this window. I'll putty the tiny holes, then lightly wet sand with fine sand paper. Then vacuum, then coat with poly, then let it dry, then lightly sand again and repeat until I get the finish just right. It takes 3 to 4 coats of the poly with wet sanding, then vacuuming in between. It takes me several days of no rain to finish, so this one may be sitting like this for awhile and there is steady rain in sight for California right now.

The kitties enjoy the fire in the wood stove!

We had a nice fire going in the wood stove and I was able to leave the windows open all night with a few fans running. I just now closed them as a storm is coming in.

Here's the two windows I'll be dry sanding today and throughout the weekend. I'll have to wait for the rain to stop before I'll be able to treat them. There's the storm coming in.

Rain or Shine? In the private member forum, both Mina and Gina commented on my rainy day workout post and said that rainy days make them want to relax and not workout! What do rainy days do for you. I would rather sit by the fire like the kitties too, but I make myself workout. It's always hard to get going, but I've adapted to the workouts and it really feels great once I get going. I turn on some good upbeat music and sometimes it reminds of of a dance if I focus, and the endorphins flowing is wonderful. Overall, I love how it's making my body feel, how it empowers my physical work, and the definition I'm seeing all over when I look in the mirror. It's quite empowering.

I dry sand the bare wood, first with course sand paper, then fine sand paper, vacuuming as I go. Then I'll do the one coat of stain, then putty, then the coats of poly with wet sanding and vacuuming in between.

I packed up my office space which was right there next to the left window. My office will temporarily be just at the kitchen table with my laptop while I'm working on those windows. I can't wait until we can finally cover the walls with a pretty wood and then do the floor. I must be patient, it might not happen until summer.

Randy and I have been busy working into the evenings on our house. We stop with just enough time to clean up and wind down calmly (and no electronic devices) before sleep. I find that keeping busy and focused helps with not eating or snacking when I have had my allotment for the day! That's the hardest part, but I believe it is harder when I'm not working on projects. It's good incentive to get things done!

I also make time to read educational books every day which stimulate my brain, scholarly books, although an occasionally novel can sometimes be added into the mix. I've gone through a pretty good stack of books already this winter and I can tell it's good for my brain, along with knowledge about sleep (which was in the stack of books!)

In the workspace near the windows I also made sure that I have my weights, workout mats, and weight bars (an Olympic bar, Hex bar, and easy curl bar) and some space to spread out and do my workouts. My schedule now is to get my workout in first, then spend the rest of the day helping Randy work on the house.

Some days can feel a little like drudgery or another "Ground Hog Day", but it's actually quite enjoyable to me to be able to do all these things after the last couple of years being nearly crippled.

Every day is truly a gift and a blessing!

Position Paper: Protein and Exercise: The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) provides an objective and critical review related to the intake of protein for healthy, exercising individuals. Based on the current available literature, the position of the Society is as follows:

An acute exercise stimulus, particularly resistance exercise, and protein ingestion both stimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and are synergistic when protein consumption occurs before or after resistance exercise.

For building muscle mass and for maintaining muscle mass through a positive muscle protein balance, an overall daily protein intake in the range of 1.4–2.0 g protein/kg body weight/day (g/kg/d) is sufficient for most exercising individuals, a value that falls in line within the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range published by the Institute of Medicine for protein.

There is novel evidence that suggests higher protein intakes (>3.0 g/kg/d) may have positive effects on body composition in resistance-trained individuals (i.e., promote loss of fat mass).

Recommendations regarding the optimal protein intake per serving for athletes to maximize MPS are mixed and are dependent upon age and recent resistance exercise stimuli. General recommendations are 0.25 g of a high-quality protein per kg of body weight, or an absolute dose of 20–40 g.

Acute protein doses should strive to contain 700–3000 mg of leucine and/or a higher relative leucine content, in addition to a balanced array of the essential amino acids (EAAs).

These protein doses should ideally be evenly distributed, every 3–4 h, across the day.

The optimal time period during which to ingest protein is likely a matter of individual tolerance, since benefits are derived from pre- or post-workout ingestion; however, the anabolic effect of exercise is long-lasting (at least 24 h), but likely diminishes with increasing time post-exercise.

While it is possible for physically active individuals to obtain their daily protein requirements through the consumption of whole foods, supplementation is a practical way of ensuring intake of adequate protein quality and quantity, while minimizing caloric intake, particularly for athletes who typically complete high volumes of training.

Rapidly digested proteins that contain high proportions of essential amino acids (EAAs) and adequate leucine, are most effective in stimulating MPS.

Different types and quality of protein can affect amino acid bioavailability following protein supplementation.

Athletes should consider focusing on whole food sources of protein that contain all of the EAAs (i.e., it is the EAAs that are required to stimulate MPS).

Endurance athletes should focus on achieving adequate carbohydrate intake to promote optimal performance; the addition of protein may help to offset muscle damage and promote recovery.

Pre-sleep casein protein intake (30–40 g) provides increases in overnight MPS and metabolic rate without influencing lipolysis.

lady with level-1 protein and a big smile
I love my chicken, turkey, and egg whites but I have a sweet tooth too!


I’ve had quite a few of you guys reaching out for ways to get more protein in and I've written about this lately too.

I figured I would let you know WHY I LOVE LEVEL-1 and how it truly helps me (and pretty much everyone who uses it) maintain the best results possible! Yes, that link is my 1st Phorm affiliate link for those of you asking for it, and THANK YOU! Because you are those who make this website and private member forum possible.


It is a Sustained Assimilation Protein that is designed to mimic the digestion of a whole food protein source, allowing us to feel satiated and keep our body preserving muscle and burning carbs and fats for fuel.

Here are 3 key points as to why:

  1. CONVENIENCE: it literally takes 30 seconds to mix up and BOOM! 20-50g of protein going down the pipe! 🌟 you can also bake with it and throw it in coffee ☕️ or SIMPLY drink with water! Or, like me my favorite way is in my nearly daily protein ice cream. Yum!!!

  2. QUALITY: The integrity of the protein has been preserved through it being Low Temperature Processed and Cross-Flow Micro-filtered. This is very important because the protein is not so denatured by high heat and no chemicals are used, which are the two things that cause indigestion many experience from other protein powders.

  3. TASTE: 🔴 THE Red Velvet IS 🔥 But seriously, the taste is my FAVORITE thing because I love good food, particularly sweets, and drinking LEVEL-1 allows me to stay on the plan while still satisfying that sweet tooth!

Top 3 Flavors

  1. Vanilla Ice Cream

  2. Red Velvet

  3. German Chocolate Cake

If you have any questions about LEVEL-1 or are using another protein supplement and want to know how to use that product to get THE BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE let me know 👊🏼

Any recipes I am always here for! I will share with our Nibbles Fitness team!

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Tell me 1 positive thing about your week! 😎

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Let's go win the weekend!

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