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Radiate the Energy you want to receive

Radiate the Energy you want to receive

It's Saturday, later today I'll work with my friend Shelley in her garden. My goal is to learn all I can and form a co-op with her. I think eventually I'll set up an area to grow a few things here, and some micro-greens, right now I don't have a place setup. Someday I will!

I know with the direction of the world, and society, this is where I need to be.

Then I'll connect with Amber who runs the ranch down the road with dairy cows, chickens, hogs, beef steer, and a big garden that is all organic and all done in harmony.

And then the community pool needs lifeguards and pretty much only has young people, they would love to have someone responsible like me who is older and more mature. I wouldn't be able to start that until next year, with the certifications coming first.

These are all fantastic ways for me to be connected with my community and I have wanted that more than anything for a long time. I've just been way too busy going to work and college.

As soon as my hips are recovered enough, later in December or next year, I'll do my volunteer work for the Sheriff's department again.

It seems like a few more people in Nibbles-Fitness lately want to be connected with me in the 1st Phorm App, because they've seen my stories of overcoming and staying strong even during extreme darkness by my stories on my main blog and newsletters to those who have subscribed. That's where I thought the poster at the top of this post fits in. RADIATE THE ENERGY YOU WANT TO RECEIVE.

That's something for us to think about as we go about our day. How will we treat people, all people, as we go about our business in the community?

The more we give, the more we receive. It goes that way online as well. Even now, not on social media, I get visitor messages on my website, some good, some weird, some way off base. I won't waste my time on the off base people speaking nonsense, that's what the delete button is for. But the good energy, or people who really want help, or offer anything helpful or constructive, there is always room for that.

Trim the branches and produce more fruit.

And mainly, there is always room for kindness and respect, resolving

worthwhile conflicts, and cutting out anything not worthwhile.

Radiate the energy you want to receive.

That is working for me this glorious day, full of opportunities to work hard and make good choices.

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