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Post Workout Nutrition (Leg Day Selfie)

Yay, I can do Leg Days now! After years of pain and not being able to do legs. I'm sore now sometimes. But, I know how to help that with post workout nutrition.

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🔥 Today I want to talk about post workout nutrition!

🔥 I know for me this is something that I did wrong for a long time and I also know most people do you incorrectly as well too! It's also an area that makes a huge difference immediately as soon as you do it correctly!

🔥 There is a problem for us as we age. Over 40 our body develops Anabolic Resistance which makes it hard for us to build muscle and maintain Lean Body Mass. Both the protein AND carb help with overcoming this problem.

How they work is explained below.

🚨 Post workout nutrition is the one time where supplementation is more beneficial than whole food! And let me now explain...

🚨 It's important to understand what happens when we do weight resistance training.

There are two things that go on! 1st: Our body depletes glycogen which is fuel stored within our muscles! 2nd: Our body will create microscopic tears within our muscle fibers! So we are actually depleting Energy and Breaking and Muscle! And then through time proper post workout and good nutrition our body will recover! But giving your body exactly what it needs in the post workout setting may be a way to optimize this process! That is where I turned to two products to help provide solutions to the two things that go on!

IGNITION - A high Glycemic carbohydrate powder specifically designed to replenish glycogen! Ignition is made up of pure dexanhydrous glucose and water-soluble vitamins which are specifically designed to give the body exactly what it is looking for post workout to replenish the energy we depleted! Ignition helps with the uptake of protein into the muscle more quickly.

PHORMULA-1 - A hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that rapidly assimilates meaning breaks down as soon as I drink it providing amino acids to the muscle to start the recovery process!

I use both of these in combination with each other because both products solve both problems that we run into when doing weight resistance training and HIIT. And using these you will instantly notice that you are less sore the next few days after work out, you feel more energized after your workout and you see optimal muscle building and fat burning results!

Let me know if you have questions, I'm here for you!

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