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Persistence over Perfection

61 year old female fitness persistence

If you are on social media you will be inundated with the false pretense of perfection.

I'm super happy to not be there anymore. Many say they stay just for family and friends, or business. I've proven to myself that true friends will stay connected with you without it. 💯 We can say it doesn't effect us, or that we ignore it, but the truth is that it effects you just as much as your own negative words in your own head, actually worse because you have no control of its bombardment.

Persistence in anything cuts through rock like a river. That goes for exercise, physical therapy, college, raising kids, learning nutrition discipline, cooking, and life away from social media.

I'm thankful for you, my true friends who stuck with me here. I've remained persistent, against the odds of all my fellow coaches who think social media is a necessity. I don't fit in with mainstream fitness coaches and I may not be an instagram rock star fitness model, but I'm a model of what I believe in with my own real life and the REAL people I am in contact with now.

I value the stories people post inside the private forum, the recipes, the mindset, and the love and encouragement given to others.

buttermilk biscuits in cast iron pan

I made the homemade buttermilk biscuits last weekend. I used my homemade cultured butter and buttermilk.

fluffy buttermilk biscuits

I gave two to Randy, two to the neighbors, and two for me to fit in my macros.

avocado toast

I still focus on high fiber carbs like sprouted rolled oats and ezekiel bread for my main carbs, besides vegetables and a little fruit, and the carbs that are in my homemade yogurt and cottage cheese, but once a month I have a couple biscuits.

Anyone who thought one could not maintain while making a husband other higher calorie foods, or things like these biscuits is wrong. Do I have days where I don't stay in control as well as this last weekend? Absolutely!

When I'm not perfect with nutrition I always say, it's not the first time, and it's not the last time. Just move forward anyway. Giving up and sticking my head in the sand isn't going to work.

The fact is NONE OF US IS PERFECT. We decide to pick ourselves up sooner or later, usually. Sooner is better than later. We get better with practice. We still fall down and get up again. We don't get better when we stay wallowing in our mud pits. We get better when we keep getting up and keep practicing.

We just keep getting up and moving forward.

Persistence, like the river.

What is important?

What is really important in life?

Today, the day before surgery, is a perfect day to contemplate what is important in life?

People, family, friends, the simple things, pets we love, our home, warmth, food, shelter, good water, health, and how we spend our time.

gourd bird house gift

Yesterday as I neared the end of a very busy day I stopped at the post office just before I got home, and found this package from Mendy with pickle juice (to help with my strange cramps) and a beautiful Kitty Gourd bird house. I don't want it to get faded in the elements, so I'm keeping it on my desk.

61 year old female swimsuit out of pool

I got my last precious swim in yesterday. Everything we get to do is a blessing. I won't be able to do it again until later this summer. I won't be able to ride my bike either, so I appreciated every opportunity I got the last couple of months.

61 year old fitness model in gym selfie

Even if I'm not a social media fitness rock star, I can be exactly who I'm supposed to be at 61 in my own life, in our own little gym up on our mountain in California.

I stuck with it during the very difficult last few years, only being able to do a handful of upper body exercises. Through trial and error I got my modifications down with those few exercises, and just did "more sets" so that I could get in a full workout. To be honest, no one seemed to notice the little 61 year old who never did legs. Honestly, I think most people don't care what others are doing. I have a handful of friends that matter and they always make me want to smile.

And those limited workouts, along with the years of everything else, are the very things that enable me to recover quickly from the hip replacements.

Everything you do all your life, sets you up for how events like this will go.

book cover tomboy bride

I just finished a book, "tomboy bride", a true account of life in the early 1900's. It reminded me of these very things, what's important in life? It showed, like today, the good and evil in men and how they effect the people around them.

It helped remind me that I'm incredibly blessed to live in a time when medical advancements are such that I could have my hips replaced. At this point in time had I not had my right hip replaced I would not be able to walk. My left hip has progressed in deteriation and I'm in a lot of pain. I'm thankful for my new right hip enabling me to get around at the moment.

The book, along with everything else going on in the world, reminds me to be thankful, yet it's okay to feel the saddness of so many things out of our control. Just take a deep breath and keep doing what you know is right for as long as you live.

It makes me think of each of our lifes are like a recording, every action and decision matters; how we treat others, our ethics, and how we take care of ourselves. It matters. Even if no one else sees it, it's etched into our own minds and the minds of those we come in contact with.

What we do today, helps determine the outcome of our future.

What will you do today to nurture your own future and that of your family?

It won't always perfect, but you can be persistent with all that is truely important in life.

PS I'm still helping people in the 1st Phorm App, all year, with the amazing workouts there and customized macrop plans (or a simple meal plan for those who need it). The daily interactive LiveStream videos are extremely helpful to those to take advantage of it. There are millions of fitness Apps, but with this one you get me as your coach all year, 24x7. For many who put in the effort to do weekly assessments and stay in contact with me there, it makes all the difference in the world and is worth the investment in the subscription to 1st Phorm for their amazing effort in developing the platform.

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