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Perfect, except for the leftover pumpkin pie!

Ever feel like it's impossible to get back on track after a holiday?

Me too!

Yesterday I followed my meal plan perfectly. Then I went to the gym and did cardio AND weight lifting. But then I went home and ate leftover pumpkin pie!

I blew it!

I was stressed out. I had good reason to be stressed out. I walked out of the gym assuming that a guy driving up was a member. He was not, in fact he was up to no good thinking I was a female victim he could exploit in some way. He asked if I wanted to trade cars with him, and then he asked if I knew where Tiffany was who lived nearby? NO! I turned on the engine and got out of there as quickly I could.

I also went to the post office in our remote little town and the windows are now barred and it's locked. We can only get our mail during normal business hours because of vandalism and theft.

Our world is changing, so far not for the good!

More than ever, we must be aware of our surroundings and on guard for our own safety.

I got home. My clothes were laid out and I'm ready for work Monday morning.

I tried to sleep. I kind of tossed and turned. I didn't really sleep so great, I woke up a lot.

Then I finished the last of the pumpkin pie for breakfast!


Because it was there!

It tasted wonderful. I won't beat myself up.

But don't you see, this is where we can feel like a failure and that we can't do it. But that is not true.

It's a big fat lie.

Sometimes it takes me a whole week to get on track again. The sooner the leftovers are gone the better. Good ridden to that pie! But really I have no regrets. We are meant to enjoy the pie. We just can't have one

there every single weekend.

The truth is we can do it. The truth is that this will happen again. The truth is that we can still make little steps every day until we mostly get it right.

I'm cold.

I'm uncomfortable.

I'm worried about our future.

I'm worried about health in old age as more and more things go wrong and every day there is a little or a lot of pain.

The food is comforting.

So we must roll up our sleeves and manage it.

And we can!

Like I said in yesterday's post and video, we are doing a mini challenge from now until Christmas Eve. All the steps we take between now and then will help.

The details of the challenge are HERE.

So let's go. It's Monday and we don't have to be perfect, we just have to keep going!


PS: You can still login to the members only forum in a desktop browser.

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