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Patience Grasshopper, patience!

One thing all these people have in common is patience.

Some of them have been here in the My TransPhormation App with me for years. All have stuck with it 100 days or more, and then keep going.

Those who have done the best take their pictures every week.

They all WIN!

Patience can help us achieve our goals.

It ends up helping us to grow more positive about almost anything in life.

It makes us less reactive, which in turn will makes us lean towards better choices.

Getting upset and falling prey to envy won't help anyone.

Exercising patience is not easy at all.

It's not a natural gift.

It's practiced and earned.

There are days you just want to do something impulsively —or worse, give up.

When this happens find ways to remain calm and just wait.

Looking back at the pictures can show progress, it's OK to go look at how far you came.

Now, all you have to do is keep going.

See, the process does work!

If you wish to join me in the App, simply send me a message and we can get started.

I will be here next year, like I have been every year for the last 10 years. I'm ready when you are.

Happy Wednesday!

It's December and we are healthily heading towards Christmas and the New Year.

See, we could enjoy Thanksgiving, not have to be perfect, and not let ourselves get derailed forever.

Who is with me?


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