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On this day in 1983

My daughter Sara was born.

Over the years, on my fitness journey, people have assumed I never had kids.

Actually I have been through two full term pregnancies (I was 19 and 23). I do believe when you are young, your skin recovers from these things better!

In fact at this point in time, I KNOW it to be true. Oh my gosh, do we ever learn this as we age.

Why do people make such assumptions?

Why do we think no one can ever imagine our pain and adversity?

We can tend to feel so alone in the pain, and sometimes conclude that how could one possibly function properly in such hardship?

But that is all a lie.

Most of us have experienced so much, and if we haven't yet, our time might yet come.

Therefore, everyone deserves whatever happiness comes their way, whatever peace, and in fact I think we appreciate it so much after having walked through the fire.

God knows your name, your story, your tears, and the stars and everything else.

He will turn it around, but we all must be patient and bide our time.

And treat all with kindness, for everyone fights a battle you know nothing about.

And yet, I feel we must at the same time stand in our belief regarding what is right, what is wrong, what we know in our heart, and with a strong fierceness than we have ever had to before this year of 2020.

In the same way, if we read true history accounts, people's and societies have been down this path before. It's a new flavor of something old.

So, hold strong and even though it's a crazy and insane time, find a way to not fall into dispair. Find your purpose, and focus on those steps every day while the story unfolds.

I think it's much like the steps we take in health and fitness, with the ebbs and flows, it is not the first time this happened. It is also not the last time this will happen.

But we are here now, and we must roll up our sleeves and deal.

I did write more about my day, inside the members only forum through the Wix mobile App. For those precious few, see you on the inside!


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