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fit female coach age 60

Time is like a river. You can not touch the same water twice, because the flow that passed will never pass again. It's the same with opportunities.

Who is ready to do a fitness challenge for eight weeks? It's 100% private, and you do have the possibility of winning $50K or $10K if you are really ready to do the simple steps (exercise and simple nutrition) at a sustainable pace.

PS It actually goes on all year, and all your progress is cummulative, so don't put off doing the simple steps because the river flows by quickly! The time is NOW.

I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't do or don't do now. I ask my people to simply do their assessments every week which includes progress pictures and this holds you accountable.

The biggest reason people fail, is they don't do the tasks that hold themeselves accountable.

fitness transformation collage female age 60

I do my assessments on Sunday's, and yesterday was day 178 of this year. I have never missed a Sunday and trust me, it's typically the last thing in the world I feel like doing on Sunday mornings, but I do it anyway. That's the key to EVERYTHING in life, doing it anyway. If you wait until you "feel like it" you won't be consistent enough.

Look how the river of time has flowed by so quickly, and so will the rest of the year. Before we know it, our opportunity is gone.

You can leverage off of my learning from my 10,000 or more ways that didn't work.

The coaching from me is free, the All-In-One 1st Phorm Fitness App is AMAZING, you get workouts, a place to track macros and calories or simply make your custom meal plans (which I will help you with), you can text me there 24 x 7, and you have a chance to win the big prizes if you stick with me with the simple daily and weekly tasks.

If you are interested or ready, let's do this for real this time.

The link to join me is 1st Phorm App with advisor Roberta, and you can invite a friend with this link or your referral link in the dashboard of your App. Anyone has a friend who uses their referral link (in your dashboard) will get a special gift from me, so text me if you do this.

You can always use the "Chat Now!" in this website and I'll get back to you very soon.

Happy Nibbles Fitness!


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