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Nothing to fear

I snapped this picture of Koneko one of our Scottish Folds this morning. He is often a Scaredy-Cat, but over time he slowly comes out of his shell. He has little safe zones where he runs and waits for us to go pet him there. Lately, on occasion, he comes up to us and rubs our legs and lets us pet him right there. It took a couple years so far for him to do that. When we first got him, he wouldn't let anyone get near him. It was rare to see is face like in today's picture, the most that anyone would see is his rear end and tail as he streaked off to a hiding spot.

Look how far he's come, to just sit there while I came up with my camera and snapped a quick picture of him. And of course I gave him some gentle rubs. He's a very gentle soul.

But, back to the subject of fear. Unlike us humans, Koneko doesn't have the same fear we do. He doesn't think about his career, his past and future, his mistakes, wondering what his life would be like if he made different choices, or whether or not the other kitties like him, wondering if he would be liked more if his ears were not so folded down.

As the events of this world has changed so much over the last few years, does it make you wonder what is really important and what isn't?

Even my hellish experience with Covid recently altered my thinking about what is important and what isn't. It did the same for Randy and our neighbors after they survived it.

We lose friends, more lately than ever to death for various reasons.

Our own mortality scares us so we avoid thinking about it. Sometimes it's hard to think about even when it's happening to someone close to us.

Yet, it's good to think about in a healthy manner, because it is how we measure the meaning of our life.

I fear it, but I think I fear pain more than knowing it will happen.

Right now, the pain in my body due to arthritis, broken sections of my back, and sciatic pain scares me. It think it's because of how it alters my life. Right now it's so bad I'm resting a few days. Those of you who know me know that's probably the hardest thing for me to do!

Being sick for so long with Covid taught me that my sciatic pain goes away when I do nothing physically, doh, but that's not the way I want to live my life. I need to find the right balance.

By the way, I'm practicing what I preach as hard as it is to do! I must eat a little less calories if I'm not exercising, thus meal planning matters more than ever. It's during times like right now that people throw their nutrition to the wind!

A couple of years ago, when my hips and legs started hurting so bad that I could no longer "train" or exercise with running, lifting weights with my lower body, twisting around with kickboxing or doing burpees, I was scared and depressed. These activities have been a cornerstone of my lifestyle for over 40 years.

I got a little depressed when I saw that othe