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None of us gets a free pass

We all grow older. We don't get a free pass from that.

There is 3 minute video that goes with this silly picture of me this morning on my way to my car, for the few friends who like my videos and to see how I'm doing.

Sometimes I think back on all the years, all the hard things, all the blessings, and one thing stands out very clear...

There is always things to deal with. It's easy to say, I'll do this, or I'll do that, when this other thing is done.

But that other thing, it fills in what another thing, or another few things.

People will think when their kids are grown up, then there won't be so much to deal with.

But it ends up there is always too much to deal with.

So, once you decide something is important, it will perculate up to the top.

Times like right now, it sometimes shows us what is really important.

Take a look at what's important in your life, and how are you actually spending your time. It lines up!

None of us gets a free pass.

Those who message me, you know I'm here for you. It's what I do.

Have a glorious day!


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