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Recipe Exchange @ 9pm!

New Nibbles Fitness group and ZOOM meetings

I know it's hard to change! But the group is still here and it's FREE, and it's free from all the political noise and drama going on in the previous location.

People in the group will be starting their own blogs like Gwynne and Vicki, and you can too, if you want. It's like the old days, when things were kept in cronological order instead of factoring in various algorithm's and likes. You can still like and comment on everything, but it stays in your blog or in the forum. YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN. Request a membership and come on in.

If you have questions just ask.

If you want a blog, let me know, send me a picture and a short quote, like Vicki and Gwynne have done below:

Change can be good. Come in and see!


And if you want in on the Nibbles Zoom meeting where we just catch up and share best practices and connect for fellowship, let me know. The next meeting will be at 4 PM Pacific Time, 7 PM Eastern Time.

Until then, let's roll with the changes and do the best we can.



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