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Age 60 fitness female

A picture tells a thousand words...

I don't feel like it but I'm taking my pictures TODAY, in the App, where the date stamp is automatic.

NOTE: The next 8 week challenge starts

****** JAN 10TH ******

You can click the ENTER CHALLEGE button at the top and take your pictures from now until Jan 10th to enter. MIGHT AS WELL DO IT TODAY BECAUSE:

Take your pictures TODAY Jan 1st, then take them every week all year and you will be automatically IN every challenge all year. If you do it every week, you won't miss any challenge. Just do it for YOU.


I didn't feel like it last January 1st either. In fact, I didn't feel like it nearly each time for every week all year.

But it sets the tone for the year. Every day that I take them after today, the number of the day tells me how many days have progressed for the year. It zips by so fast!!

It makes you realize how important each decision is for each day.

I won't win any prizes for going through my failing hip ordeal and pain, but I WIN at life when I don't use this as an excuse. You see, people will win great prizes for using this excuse to let themselves go and fall into a pity party, gain a bunch of weight, lose strength, then work hard to get it all back and win the huge prize. Not me, because I refuse to let myself go. I will fight the good fight, and YES IT'S HARD for me too.

This next year will be one of the hardest years of my entire life - going forward with full hip replacements twice, the pain, the tedious rehab (PT every hour ending with an ice pack, day after day, week after week), but I'll STAY IN THE GAME WITH YOU. I'll take my pictures every week like I did last year, which was also a very painful year for me all freakin' year.

It makes you realize that it's important to stop any bad habits MID STREAM in the day and not wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is not any easier.

The time is NOW... you know, TODAY.

It doesn't get any easier later. But if you do things now, whatever choice it is that you don't FEEL LIKE doing... it gets easier and easier to make that choice, because it becomes a habit.

But just like workouts making you sore at first, and your needing to push through the adaptation physically and mentally, so it is with your nutrition, water intake, deciding to take your pictures anyway, deciding to message your coach no matter what is going on, etc.

So it is with everything in life that you need to keep doing to stay fully alive --- it's merely pushing through the adaptation phase. And then making that effort again to get up when you fall - yes, that is huge effort I know. But the more you keep getting up, the more you realize that yes, this isn't the first time, and it won't be the last time. Freakin' get up anyway!!!

And thus, the picture tells a thousand words. It tells more than the body weight scale. It tells more than what your food log might say.

It tells what your body is actually doing, and ususally it brings up memories of the day, the cold, the heat, the knowing you didn't do everything as perfect as you thought, the insecurity, or the joy or disappointment you felt in the moment.

The picture tells a thousand words, and so does the DAY stamp and date.

So, who will set the tone for the year this fine January 1st of the year 2022?

I'm doing it right now!

Happy New Year!!!!!

PS if you want in this App with me, the time is NOW, the day is TODAY, let's do it!


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