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Never pictured myself as...

What do you find yourself doing that you never pictured yourself as doing?

In some ways, I'm just teasing about the picture, but sometimes that's how I really feel.

I never pictured myself as a law enforcement officer.

I never pictured myself as a disciplined lean and fit 50 or 60 year old. I know I will stay fit no matter how long I live, as long as I can control the calories in. That's the key to controlling body fat.

I never pictured myself as a leader at anything.

I never pictured myself as an old lady with arthritis wracking my body and a hole in my back, fighting every day to function at all the things I'm passionate at, including still wearing the green uniform a few times a month (and able to still do the job).

But I can only do these things if I do the little mundane tasks every day that seem so meaningless.

They are not meaningless, they are the KEY. 🗝

I have to pull myself out of it daily. A lot lately!

So much can make us feel grumpy these days.

So much is not going our way.

So much is frustrating.

But I'm reminded at it was never about "feeling it" when we accomplish anything good at all.

It's always about doing it when we don't feel like it.

That is always where the rubber hits the road.

That's always where our true color shines.

It's human to not feel it. It's human to not feel motivated.

You can do things you never imagined. Good things! But it will require doing it when you are grumpy too.

So I get my act together, put my lashes on, and listen to a podcast or music, and smile and be polite to people as I go out and about.

It doesn't matter who likes or doesn't like my lashes, or my headband, or what clothes I'm wearing. Those are for me. Walk with dignity.

Smile and be polite, not because I feel like it, but because it's right. They are all fighting a battle I know nothing about. Just as I fight a battle they know nothing about... and they don't need to know about it.

So go about your life, Killin' It, in the right way.

Who will join me? 😎🙏💙


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