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Need a NEW workout?

Or even just a new reason to workout? More on this topic below...

You might not know there is a community forum on this website. It can be accessed on a web browser, but it's much easier to see what's happening on the mobile App. It's called Spaces by Wix and Nibbles-Fitness has a space on the Spaces App. With the App it's easier to see new posts in order. With the browser, it's harder to see new posts unless you subscribe to the person or category, then you will get notifications. You can follow your favorite members and then you'll know when they comment or post. It's fun, it's private, and we don't collect data. I only approve member requests for people I know, so if you make a request you need to let me know who you are so I can keep the community safe. If I respond back with an email and you don't respond, your request will not be approved.

Mendy, inside the forum is starting a little workout group using a free workout, and the forum will be used for posting, sharing experiences, accountability, and teamwork. You are WELCOME to join. Just come on into the forum and look for Mendy's post. If you have any questions about the forum, just ask me. I'm here for you.

Only a few of you know I've had to modify my workouts due to bad hips (I'm waiting for hip replacements so there is a light at the end of the tunnel).

Jenia and I inside the forum, will be watching and cheering everyone on. We are the "bad hip" ladies and won't be able to participate.

It's taken me a year of trial and error to finally create a workout I can do for one hour, upper body only, with a lot of modifications. I wrote a lot about it inside the forum today and WHY I persevere even through all the pain and adversity.

When we go through these hard things as we age, it's not the time to say "Oh I'll focus on nutrition and exercise later... when this is over." No, it's the time to dig in and fight for your health. We need the strength. We need the stronger mitochondria cells. We need the quality protein in our diet. We need to keep the excess body fat down which hinders our health is so many ways! This is NOT the time to hide in a pity party hole, digger our health issues deeper and deeper. No, that's not how I'm going down.

So if you need encouragement, or a community to support you, or a new workout and some accountability partners, come on in...

You are welcome here.


PS For those in the FALL CHALLENGE in the 1st Phorm App ...

❌FINAL PHOTOS DUE NEXT WEEK. Starting Monday 29th-Sunday 5th @11:59pm!❌

- Finish what YOU started.

Thanksgiving is in the past. Yesterday was a new day and so is today!



1. PRE TRACK THE NIGHT BEFORE! - Plug everything you plan on eating that day into the app the night before, that way you can ensure you do not blow your macros out of the water - Check Menus! Most restaurants post their menus online. Make the decision of what you plan on eating BEFORE you get to the restaurant and then track it into the app

2. HIT PROTEIN EARLY - Set yourself up for success by planning to hit the bulk of your protein earlier in the day, leaving room for carbs and fats later in the evening - This will help you go out and be able to enjoy yourself and not have a bigger meal put you completely over calories!

3. WORKOUT EARLY! - Make some time FOR YOU earlier in the day where you can wake up and get your workout, cardio, step in early! - You will feel WAY better about yourself and each time you do this, it is an investment into your goals!


Let’s make it a GREAT weekend!


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