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nanífyiiv means "my friend"

in oral surgery and protein pudding

In Karuk. It's a small North West Native Indian tribe of which I am 1/16th. Just enough to have a card (with no special benefits). I don't really care about benefits, but I care about who I am and who my friends are.

Afyíiv means "friend", and nanífyiiv means "my friend" in Karuk.

I'm learning a word a day a few days a week, at my own slow pace, along with everything else I'm learning every day for the rest of my life.

The pictures above are both from yesterday. I was scared, sitting there waiting for the surgeon to drill into my bone and insert a screw. Randy said he wouldn't do it, he got a Maryland bridge years ago instead.

They said my blood pressure and heart rate is amazing and that I have really good bones! Aww, I just wish that applied to my lower back problems and the arthritis in all my joints!

I am recovering nicely and keeping my protein up. I'm keeping my 60 year young body in the "over the protein threshold" which overcomes anabolic resistance, which means at least 30 grams of protein or more for as many meals as possible, while still keeping calories capped at TDEE (or slightly under if fat loss is needed).

I learned about anabolic resistance and what it takes to overcome it from Dr. Gabrielle Lyon who is easy to find on the internet and she has done many interviews. I've had access to many training videos done by her about this subject and many other aspects regarding nutrition. I hope to get some citations on studies about anabolic resistance soon, but right now I'm running out the door to get a workout in instead.

My protein pudding recipe is simple: 6 boiled egg whites, 1 scoop of Phormula-1 Lemon Maringue protein, and 1/4 cup of cashew milk. Blend this all in a food processor, patiently, until smooth and creamy.

Here's the calories and macros:

macros for protein pudding

I have to eat soft foods for awhile. See, no reason to make it boring or not get enough protein to keep achieving my goals.

Have a great day nanífyiiv ❤💚💛💙

And be careful who your friends are, especially right now. Envy, a common human trait, is running as rampant as ever. Many people either want to take any blessings you have, or prevent you from more blessings, or just to poke jabs at you in a conversation in a subtle way of exuding their superiority to make you feel like you are less than you are. Be always on guard. It's not fun to think about, but it's the truth and I see it more and more. I'm thankful for awareness and discernment.

PS I do appreciate those of you, nanífyiiv, who support the Nibbles Fitness community and keeping this website running by getting what you need from my 1st Phorm site. You know who you are 💙💛💚❤🧡💜 And I know who you are. You didn't let Envy get in the way of your choice to help out. THANK YOU!

I always respond to your messages and email in person. Thank you for those who walk this journey with be both in the Forum here and in the 1st Phrom App.

It's May 1st already! Let's keep fighting the good fight. 👊👊


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