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My heart ❤ belongs to Jesus

Will we be at war next week?

Will we be under tyranny?

Who will be in charge of our country?

The only peace will be with God.

Will we be at war?

Something is happening in DC and other places around the country, few know the truth, I am not one who knows.

God knows 🙏

I will not put my head in the sand.

Will we be at war?

Something is happening.

We look up to the sky in California and we see dark streaks. What does it mean?

Yet, we all go about our business as if it's the new normal?

And I only find peace with God and the work He gives me.

We will all be tested under 🔥 fire soon.

Our true colors exposed.

It matters not how long anyone knows Jesus, anyone can belong to Him in peace, new or not.

Who are we to be loved by Him?

It matters not.

We are meant to pursue our purpose each day until the end.

Right now my only peace comes from God.

Nothing of this world matters so much.

The enemy can take everything. I will still fight with my boots on until the end.

For living under tyranny is not living.

Our forefathers fought and some died for that freedom we have lived our lives thus far with.

The enemy can't take my soul, it belongs to Jesus.

He is mighty and He conquered the grave.

And He will again.

I know this is off topic, but it's my my heart ❤ right now. Take it or leave it.

I'm sitting in front of the gym in my car, asking God why am I here?

Why are we to keep doing this if we feel our world is about to end?

It matters not. We have our purpose until the last day, even if that might be today.

The food plan still matters, even if it will be MRE rations.

The exercise still matters, even if it is survival work instead of the gym.

Everything always matters.

So we keep going only with the grace of God.

And if He miraculously saves our nation, I will 🙏 praise God.

And no matter what Jesus has my soul, and the enemy can't take it.

God help us all.



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