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Monday, will you let it slide, or a make it a great ride?

Some Monday's the routine feels easy, others not so much. Last night I woke up at 1 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I got up and tried to get some homework done, but it became a big fiasco. Then I was hungry and ate a small meal.

If you are tracking your food, ever wonder how to fit that into your plan? Sometimes you already had a deficit the day before and it might not matter. Other times you might want to still make the deficit happen today.

You can include it in today's plan, which means you'll eat a little less during the day. Sometimes that might mean skipping a snack, or adding a little longer fast in between meals.

Note: A deficit is only needed for those who need to lose body fat.

When you workout really hard, or do longer workouts, this can be hard! I did a long workout yesterday. I lifted weights, then 20 minutes of HIIT on the Assault bike, then an easy 45 minutes on the recumbent bike.

I did get back to sleep, finally, but today is rough.

I packed my food and I'm taking all my vitamins. Some I take in the morning, and some I pack with my food. Today, I didn't feel like being responsible.

The vitamins and minerals help with your metabolism!

It's not just for your immune system, it's for your health and metabolism. People do not realize the role vitamins and minerals play in helping you have energy for work, workouts, responsibilities, and fat loss! Oh yeah.

This little nutrient pack has six different products all in one. Several of the products help with my energy level. I used to spend a lot more getting each thing individually and it was far less convenient. I still take more than what is in this packet, but this packet is super nice and convenient to me.

I used to have a hard time remembering to take my nutrient supplements. I also used to not think they were very important because I couldn't FEEL what they did for me. It's hard to know who to believe on this stuff, right?

But now I KNOW. I've spent years studying nutrition. I'm not a doctor, but I know my body and I understand what my professors taught me, and now I can research a little and have a better understanding.

It does matter, and having that engrained in my head now makes me realize how important it is.

I won't forget, because I KNOW it's IMPORTANT. I constantly think about what I'm putting in my body now, and what is missing.

With that knowledge, I put habits in place. So the little mustard jar is always in my lunch box. In it I put my Full-Mega and B-Complex, and Micro Factor packet.

I drink the water I need and take some electrolytes to help with muscle cramps that I get even when I don't workout.

It's all so important for my metabolism.

And my energy and immune system and health.

If you are not losing body fat, and you want to, do not overlook all the nutrients needed to keep your metabolism running strong.

Check your vitamins to see that they include everything on the label here, and are not hard pressed pills which your body can't digest! If you have any questions about this just message me in the My TransPhormation App.

Even something as simple as missing an enzyme can stop some of the organic chemical processes in your metabolism. In college we learned that enzymes were the "rate limiters" in many processes.

The fact that I take these nutrients every day is what is going to help me get through today and keep my immune system strong, against the stress of today. You don't get the benefit of these nutrients when you are intermittent with them. Just like everything else, it's the little steps every day that matter.

I might not be perfect, but what I do today and each little choice I make is going to feed everything else. It works in synergy. I can feed a lot of good things, or I can let it slide.

I've decided not to let it slide.

What about you, will today be a slide, or will you make it a great ride?

Happy Monday!


Nibbles Fitness


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