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Monday Motivation, how will you hold yourself accountable?

What do you do to hold yourself accountable?

While it's good to have a partner, it's very important that you are not only willing to make hard changes in your life, but that you are willing to hold your own self accountable.

It's important to visualize your life both with the changes and without. An example of this for me is my recent experiment to give up gluten to see if it would help my throbbing leg and hip pain caused by a pinched sciatic nerve in my back. It worked! While the problem is not fixed, I'm able to function.

I am tempted daily with delicious gluten foods. Many of you know I have a love for everything sourdough and baking with it. I visualize my life with the pain and misery I felt earlier this year.

And I visualize myself staying healthier and functioning with much less pain and walking without a painful limp. The choice is easily made.

Yes, I would love to eat the comforting treats! It's still hard to say no and not partake. But it is worse to live with the pain.

So my question for you is, are you feeling pain physically and emotionally due to your physical condition of body weight?

Can you visualize what your life can be with that problem resolved?

Do you visualize what it's like now and forever without changing lifestyle habits?

Do you BELIEVE you can make changes to make the healthier vision happen?

Will you focus on the steps it takes, and keep the two visions, so you have your own motivation to hold yourself accountable?

You can also connect with me as an Advisor in the My TransPhormation app (message me for my ID) and you must add me with this ID as soon as you register the app.

Connect with me on Strava as Roberta Saum

And in the Parler app as @RobertaSaum

Let's stay on the healthier path!


PS I welcome your comments below and will respond in person. If I've helped you over time please help by hitting the heart and leaving a quick comment. You can do this in the WIX mobile app for this site.

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