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Monday Motivation: Gratitude

Happy Monday Team Nibbles Fitness!

This picture made me think of Jenia who recently past away. I've written about her before, and her long battle with cancer. I'm waiting on some pictures from her family and then I will dedicate a blog post in her memory.

For now, know that she enjoyed a very full and grateful 🙏 life. She always has a focus on positivity. ✨ I am forever grateful for the light she brought into my life and to those in the Nibbles Fitness community. She recently enjoyed an island vacation with friends which she didn't regret. She almost canceled because she didn't feel well. She was glad she went and she enjoyed putting her feet in the sand at the beach ⛱️. She also enjoyed the best scallop dinner ever, one her most favorite foods. She was very tired and still not well and slipped away peacefully following her vacation surrounded by her loving family 💕.

Jenia wrote often on in the forum, always thoughtful and full of gratitude. She will be forever missed by so many of us.


I'm grateful that I can walk. Randy and I took a break from working on the house this weekend to go for a hike.

We were hailed on and I was thankful for hot tea in a thermos.

Here is the beautiful meadow at Bear Valley, California. Can you imagine the pioneers finding this?

I capured Randy, capturing the beauty.

Here is what he captured.

The night before our hike we watched the storm coming in off our back deck.

There is so much to be grateful for. I can feel Jenia whispering Yes! in the cool breeze brushing my face the same way she brushed paint on a canvas.


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is fired up for Week 3 🔥 of the current Fitness Challenge.


- Due once a week.

- It is important to track EVERYTHING w/ sending assessments: (Food/Supps, Workouts, Water, New Picture, & New Weigh-In)

If you send me a message about your assessment, please:

Tell me one positive thing about your assessment! 😎 & if it is for accountability this week or needing help!


- Every morning M-F @9am Central time

- How Micronutrients Affect Your Results


No matter if you “went off plan” over the weekend or not... Fundamentals Win Championships:


- Track Your Food

- Hit Calories and Protein 🔥

- Drink Your Water 💦

- Move your body/weight resistance train🏋️

🚶🏽Walk for 45 minutes, 7 days a week

- Prioritize sleep💤

.. and you will be right back on track!


What we focus on we attract!

If you have the ability to even read this... you are blessed.

Focus on the blessing in your life (especially during the hard times) and use your knowledge, experience and power to help others!

The potential we have in the world is endless...

But it starts one person at a time...

One good decision at a time…

Try being mad or upset when you are thinking from a place of gratitude.

Let's Go Win Monday 💯!

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