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Monday Motivation

So, you don't need support or help on your weight loss journey?

Everyone in your life is ON BOARD with you and your nutrition and workout goals. What? Oh, they are not. The world has piled up against you like a conspiracy.

Friends and family are mad because you won't eat pizza and such with them, and you are trying to get some exercise instead of the constant food and drinking fests?

Coming out out of Christmas is an up hill battle.

When you push through not feeling like it (discipline), you will find motivation in your life and the empowerment from it is absolutely amazing.

Sometimes you just need someone who understands the vision you have for your healthier body.

Sometimes you need someone who will walk the walk with you.

Sometimes you need someone, or even a group, who gets it! A place where you fit in.

Even better when it's away from big tech social media.

Sometimes you just need some sleep!

If you want a team who will have your back, I can get you connected.

Sometimes it's trusting the process even though it appears at the moment that it's not working.

Sometimes it's learning about accountability.

If you need to know your best range for calories and macros, and the best workouts to fit your goals and lifestyle, I can help!

Whether you want to be in the $50k challenge or not, the all in one app is perfect. A place to get support, coaching, workouts, and help with your nutrition plan. It's a cool place to document your pictures in a private place and easier than any other app to take your progress pictures. You won't know how easy until you try it and they are constantly improving it.

Let's go! Who is on the motivation continuum train with me. Ready to roll, already rolling, don't even TRY to stop us!

If you want help in the app, message me, I will always respond.


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