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Monday: Focus on the Fundamentals

I'm hanging in there. One day at a time. The worst is over, I think, yet I have a long way to go. I might be able to swim and do the spin bike in a few weeks.

I won't be lifting weights again until next summer, but today I did 20 pushups after my PT walk. I do 3 PT walks a day, so I can get the three sets of pushups in as well.

I'm focused on the fundamentals, the basics, the habits, the things that ANYONE CAN DO.

We don't have to be any kind of super hero or rock star, just ordinary people, doing ordinary steps every day, that end up making us exceptional and an example to others around us.

HAPPY MONDAY Team Nibbles Fitness!

Over ½ way through September! Meaning we have about 3 ½ months left of 2022.

Always remember, there is never a wrong day to better your life. Opportunity every minute of every day and YOU have the power to make that decision.

The pictures aren’t because I think I’m cute or anything great, it’s to show that I’m real and I walk the talk all year long. I’m not perfect, but I keep getting back up and, on the path, again. It’s nothing special, it’s just the fundamentals, the simple habits that anyone can do.

ASSESSMENTS 📝 - Due every week, you need to be tracking EVERYTHING w/ sending assessments: (Food/Supps, Workouts, Water, New Picture, & New Weigh-In)

PLEASE: Tell me 1 positive thing about your assessment! 😎 & if it is for accountability this week or needing help!

LIVE STREAMS 📺 - Week Days at 9am Central Time.

- How Important Are Rest Days?

FOCUS 🔐 on the Fundamentals

Figure out who you are.


Take Initiative Lead By Example

Belief: You Have to Believe In Yourself.

No matter what you want, if you don’t BELIEVE in it and through your actions it won’t work. Have full and complete belief in everything you want. IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE.

I believe in the Law of Attraction, what you think about and visualize good or bad will make an appearance.

Take Initiative: You can either wish for it or work for it.

Be the person YOU want to be.

Live life to the best of your ability, no one is going to do it for you.

Lead by Example: There is never a wrong time to do the right thing. It is as simple as picking up a piece of trash, your actions define you.

You are what you do.

You want to make a change in the world, be the change. That is through your ACTIONS, don’t just talk about it. You have to actually follow through with what you say.

If you don’t believe in yourself, what you are working towards in your career, the life you want to live, and also doing the work to get you there? It isn’t just going to happen for you.

It is, yes, figuring out what YOU want, but also doing the ACTIONS Day after day to get you there.

Don’t wish for it. Work for it.

Identify and execute every single day.

If you haven’t sat down and analyzed what you want, you should take some time to do so and start living each day with a bigger purpose.


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