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Meet Munchie and the Magic Mushrooms 🐈🍄

But first, thank you all for the Birthday wishes. This is me in the picture on my 60th birthday, February 3, 2021. I'm going to keep being me. Lift is too short to worry about if people like me or not.

But what about Munchie and the Mushrooms?

Munchie came out to visit me while I took my birthday pictures out here in the freezing cold:

He's one of the "net cats", meaning the vet employess had to catch him and three other cats with a net. They asked Randy (my cat whisperer husband) if he would take them.

Oh yes, so Randy came home and surprised me with four more cats one day. We decided they could live on our enclosed front porch. They ran and hid in the outbuildings for a few days, but when they got hungry they came for food inside the front porch.

They go outside during the day, and as soon as it gets dark they come running in for dinner. The net kitties know the routine now and we've had them like this for several years.

They are Scottish Straight cats, because they have the straight ears, instead of the folded ears like the Scottish Folds. They are special cats with the softest fur that you can possibly imagine.

Now, what about the magic mushrooms?

Some of you might remember a few years ago, I did my summer intern in order to finish my Nutrition and Fitness degree.

That was a busy summer and I worked hard! I learned all about Microgreens and the amazing benefits of mushrooms.

Not the button mushrooms you find in the store, but wild or specially grown mushrooms with the names of Reishi, Shitake, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake, Turkey tail, Oyster, and Lion's main.

They are each a little unique but all have special superfood qualities that are shown to help with your health. Most have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

I had these in a powder form in my coffee this morning, as I finished this weeks college assignments for the IT course I am taking. The course is a tremendous amount of work. Sometimes I wonder why am I doing all this? I finished my Nutrition and Fitness Certificate and now I'm taking Mechatronics and IT courses! It's partly because Randy always pushes me to be my best, and it's good for our brains, and our body mind and soul.

Any discipline feeds into all areas of your life. It's no different with fitness or anything else you do. It's "atomic habits." Who gets what I'm saying?

The mushrooms are good for your cognitive function, so that's why I take it with my coffee while doing my assignments on the computer. It's not necessary to take it at any particular time, but blending it in with my coffee works great.

So there you go. That's Munchie and the Magic Mushrooms.

I didn't need birthday cake, I just needed my friends, like Gina and Angie in the picture here. They visited with me on last night, which made my day perfect.

And Munchie and the Magic Mushrooms, and my Cat Whisperer husband.

And my Nibbles Fitness Friends. Especially those who show up like Stacy, Netty, Gina, Angie, Laura, and others. THANK YOU. It's all I need.

I worked on homework last night, even though I didn't feel like it, it sure felt good to make progress. I got up this morning and finished my assignments for this week. Now I have a few days before Monday to work on other things. There is always something!

And when I was done, I peeked into the forum and there was my beautiful friend Stacy (Miss Consistency) kicking butt and taking names as always. I love that smile! She's got the post workout glow.

Have you ever noticed that glow on people who exercise? It gets oxygen to their skin and throughout their whole body. It grows the mitochondria and helps produce HGH, the fountain of youth.

Thank you all for making my day amazing.

Let's keep fighting the good fight, being our most healthy and best selves for all of our days.


Nibbles Fitness

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