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Meal planning isn't fun, neither is being overweight

I was talking with a new friend the other day about meal planning. It felt so overwhelming to her.

Yes, sometimes it is. But once you roll up your sleeves and decide to do it it's not so bad.

I know it's not fun. I know this by heart.

I know not being able to eat everything you want all the time is not fun.

But neither is being overweight or unhappy with your body.

It's not about what others think of you. It's about what YOU think of YOU.

If you want that to change, you have to plan even when you don't feel like it.

Then you have to prep (keep it simple).

Then you have to follow the plan.

Prepping and following the plan are executing the plan.

Executing does not work without a plan. Winging it isn't a plan. Fasting isn't a plan.

I'm having to add Vegan and plant-based foods to my diet, doctors orders. He would like me to go all plant-based for my cholesterol.

Planning is becoming very complicated with this new Vegan plant-based twist.

In the picture I have fresh beet tops with a few dried beets and a tangerine on the side. The beet tops are like swiss chard. I sauteed them with Pumfu sausage crumbles, a plant based food they call protein, which is absolutely delicious.

But here's the problem, it's not really protein, it's carbs and fat with a little protein tacked on. 100 grams of Pumfu is 269 calories, 19g carbs, 17g fats, and only 11g of protein.

Compare that with lean ground turkey which is about 90 calories, 20g protein, 0 carbs, and 4g fats.

Not to mention that plant based protein has only half the amino acid score, and that's what the BCAA's help with.

A meal plan is so much more simple when you just use all food groups:

Lean protein is white fish, egg whites, chicken, turkey, whey protein, ham, and then we get into protein that has higher carbs/fats like cottage cheese, yogurt, tofu, and tempeh.

Then just add a cup of veggies and a half cup of carbs, a little broth and spices and you have a meal. Make 3-6 of those meals, a couple maybe without carbs, and you have a meal plan.

People who are not consistent with tracking food in an app should sit down and plan a full day of food in the app, then write the full day on a piece of paper and keep it in a book or journal. Write the calories and macros for each meal and the total at the top.

It must be a deficit based on your TDEE, Total Daily Energy Expenditure. If it's not, you won't lose fat.

If you don't know what you are consuming and you lose weight, you can just as easily gain weight because you don't really know what you are consuming. Over time that feels mysterious. I know what that's like. I've spent many years there.

If you are spinning your wheels and your weight is not changing, or it's going up, it's time to get serious about planning.

Then get serious about executing the plan.

Don't just say you will track your food, that's winging it.

Winging it does not consistently work.

Make a plan.

Execute the plan.

It's the only way it works consistently. It's the only way you KNOW what your energy intake is.

I know it's not fun. But neither is being overweight, unhealthy, or unhappy with your body.

Being healthy and fit IS fun.

Which do you want?

It's door number one or door number two. There is no door number three.

If you need help, that's what I'm in the My TransPhormation App for. The registration for the next 8 week challege is open until tomorrow, then we start.

Message me if you want help in the App whether you want to do the eight week challege or not.

Just like I just told one beautiful friend in there just now, she's 55 and fighting to get her health back. I won't just be a cheerleader. I will tell you the truth even when it's not fun for both of us. One thing I promise is I'll always be there. I've been out here doing this for 10 years. I've never once stopped because "I don't feel like it", and trust me, I don't always feel like smiling, writing, getting back to every message, planning my food, and executing my plan.

I don't feel like getting up and doing again when I didn't do it perfectly and fall short.

Right now, the world needs people who plan and execute the plan even when they are grumpy about it.

Any plan in your life.

Who will learn to be strong, and keep going, and plan and execute? The world needs you to be that.

Let's go!

Who is doing Sunday meal prep today? Or maybe you did it yesterday or will tomorrow. It doesn't matter what day it is.

It matters that you really do it.

Happy Sunday!


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