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Majestic Elephant Steps

Steady steps majestic elephant

Like the elephant, it's the little steady steps forward every day. It comes to me so clearly with my own recovery and ability to walk again. It's majestic, steady and true. It can be that way for you as well, whatever you apply it to.

hills and valleys

It doesn't mean you don't have hills and valley's. It just means you keep moving, one foot in front of the other.

sustainable consistent steady steps

And with that gentle, consistent, steady process comes sustainability.

Often you may feel like it's hopeless, why bother? We step off the path for one moment and we lose all the progress we made. We throw away a whole week's work (or more) in one day. But those are lies. Lies in our own head. It's not a lie that you lost progress, it's a lie that you can't resolve it.

If feels like it's just YOU that it happens to, but that's a lie too. Just about everyone tells me the same thing, tall or short, big or small, young or mature, it doesn't seem to matter. Almost everyone feels it isn't fair, something is wrong with them. But that's actually a lie too. It's an emotional response.

If it's weight gain, it's the perception that what was consumed didn't have all the value (we gave it less value, so it doesn't seem fair.) If the consuming was accurately measured in a scientific lab against the needs of your body - the truth would be clear. We all have to trust that against the emotional lie in our head.

While that brings anxiety and doubt, focus on what you need to do in the week ahead, and look at what failed in the week behind and FIND A WAY TO FIX THAT. Maybe you are so caught up in your life that you forgot WHY a certain goal was important. It stops seeming important in the moment. Only you can find a way to make yourself REMEMBER.

What will make you remember and put in the forefront of your mind, that IT IS IMPORTANT? Whatever it takes, go do it. Because, yes, it is important. It's your health. It's your life. It's your happiness. So yes, it is important!

roberta age 61 fitness progress

I didn't feel like taking pictures in the 1st Phorm App today. It's the deadline. I didn't have to do it. I made myself do it anyway. I thought about it afterwards. I know I've gained a few pounds.

cracked femur with wire wrapped around in x-ray

I could use the excuse that I just had surgury, I've had two big surgeries in three months, and the last one a month ago with complications (the cracked femur and wire wrapped around the bone).

I ate, but it was...

just a little...

The truth is, in the moment I ate what I felt like eating. It wasn't bad or unhealthy, but I didn't give it the value it deserved. I didn't pig out, I didn't binge, I ate what seems like should be a normal amount. The fact is we can easily eat high calorie foods with too many carbohydrates and fats, and it feels like "it wasn't that much!" But the truth is that it has value we didn't measure, and we spent more than we needed to.

It doesn't matter what our excuse is. It never seems fair when the weight creeps up so easily. It always feels like something is wrong with us. But that's not it. We just lost sight of the value, and we also lost our motivation to keep doing what we know is right. When we keep going like that, we continue to believe the lies in our head and it snowballs.

The truth always ends up setting us free. It starts feeding us and pushing out the lies which feed on themselves. The truth will starve out the lies, when you give it a chance.

Do what it takes! If you really want it, you have to do what it takes. It might be trying something different, and that will be trial and error, but that's how we learn. What worked before may not work this time. It will take some work and brushing away the lies.

Have things set up, so that in the moment when it doesn't feel important, or that instead it really matters. Or, that when it feels hopeless... that your remind yourself that is a big fat lie. Have things setup to remind you of how important it really is, and set up your environment to make that happen.

Get temptation out of there. Willpower will fail all of us. It's setting up our environment that makes us succeed. Setting it up is hard work, so roll up your sleeves and put your thinking cap on. Have the right tools available so you can do things the way it needs to be done. SET IT UP!

The steady steps are what is sustainable, so you can be majestic like the elephant.

look back to learn, look ahead to succeed

Look back at what worked and what didn't, and be confident in your plan going forward. You are capable and you will need to chase away the big fat lies.

Attach your happiness to the consistent, gentle, steady steps and nothing more.

don't attach too much to feeling happy. find what works and take it slow.

That's what "Focus On The Process" means. You are focused on the steps, and you find your happiness in those. If you get off track, focus on getting right back on.

Every week passes by, and before we know it it's time to plan again. Evaluate the past to learn, then look forward to succeed. Then keep taking those steady gentle steps forward.

That's really the secret. It really is all we can do. Keep going!

I got the elephant pictures and idea from the Headspace meditation App I have invested in for myself, to keep myself happy, calm, positive, and moving forward. It's one of many tools I use to keep myself headed in a healthy direction. Doing this doesn't come natural, it's not a "gift" I have that I somehow manage to do this most of the time. I have to pull myself out of the mud pits and lies like everyone else. I know it's hard. I know it takes effort. This I know, by heart. ❤️🔥

And now, with my pictures done, I take my steps forward. I don't need to take my pictures every single week, but I must do some other measurement of progress if I don't. I might just step on the scale at least once a week or more, brushing aside what the number is, and just watch the trend over the next three months. For some people it could be just the waist and hip measurements which is a great indication of progress over time.

trust the process

Just do what it takes. Reflect, learn, plan, attack, and trust the process... in little majestic elephant steps.

It's not too late to join me in the 1st Phorm App and Summer Challenge. Join, send me a message in the App. I will help you all along the way. Let's NOT believe the lies, let's trust the process, and let the truth set us free.

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