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Macros 101 recap with Snergy

Roberta age 62 at the pool in bathing suit
Age 62 I'm not perfect, but I'm ME and you can't stop me!!!

Smile, stay positive, and take real steps towards your goals, not making excuses and all will work in Synergy to make it come real. It's hard to stay positive. It's easy to let those doubts creep in. It's easy to say that bite of something delicious doesn't really matter. It's easy to not make a meal plan, or to have one but not really follow it accurately.

When I get on the body weight scale, it tells me the truth even with those weird little daily fluctuations. If the trend is up, and I had a plan that should really work, then I somehow put more in my body than I thought. I miscalculated or ate small things that seemed like they shouldn't matter, and those habits are not helpful because we forget those bites in our "mental accounting" like spending with a credit card.

We have to have a plan and things lined up for when we are ego depleted. Ego depletion is when we are tired, hungry, and hanging on a thread and DO NOT MAKE GOOD DECISIONS. That's when we need healthy food on hand, and to not go shopping for food or even a car or whatever.

That's why planning and preparation are key. That's why failure to plan is planning to fail.

Do things like Cara recently in the Forum on her Thanksgiving post. Having a plan doesn't mean you won't make mistakes. But not having a plan means almost certain mistakes. Even in the last week, I've made some mistakes. Some of the most common, because I'm human. Stepping on that body weight scale keeps me honest and renews my resolve, no matter what direction it's going.

If it goes UP, that means I made mistakes in my nutrition plan. Even if it's just normal fluctuations I can use that as incentive to do better and pay better attention. We can all improve even when we thought we were doing it perfectly. Going up can be a warning.

If it goes down, then we can still evaluate our nutrition plan and make sure to stay on top of it. Don't let this be an excuse to let off the focus. Be happy, stay focused. No matter the direction of the body weight scale, focus on the food scale. The food scale, in accordance with a well designed meal plan, will get you there! It will always get you there.

I took the selfie after I swam 2000 yards yesterday. I was tired, hungry, and happy. I could have devoured some food that would not help me stay on track. It would seem fair, and not like much, but could easily have changed the direction of the body weight scale. Oh yes, I know from experience. I know from making the mistakes.

roberta age 62 egg whites and saltine crackers in the car
Keep it simple! Seasoned egg whites and eight saltine crackers. Count them out!

But instead, I had the on plan food packed, and it was wonderful. Oh, I wanted more, but just got busy, drank some water, and reminded myself I get to have more later. There is always something that needs to get done, so go get busy! Soon enough it will be time to go eat the delicious food that is on my plan.

Oh yeah, and putting yourself in a situation that causes temptation, that is not helpful when you are ego depleted. Sometimes when I'm ego depleted, I change my plan, I run away, I get the heck out of dodge! Why? Because sometimes my goals are more important than whatever it was that wanted to tempt me. If it involves true friends and family, they will honor my needs. If not, no need to explain anything to them. Get the heck out of dodge! Your health matters! You matter! You are the one who has to live with your health and your body.

As you make those steps, like me with swimming, meal planning and prepping lately, and all that I'm doing to work on my health, as well as the mountain of problems to solve at home and work to do on all that, it all starts to work in synergy towards positive goals and progress!



1st phorm livestream macros 101

Recap on Macros 101

The LiveStream video is in the 1st Phorm App. Watch it and tell me what you think.

MAIN PURPOSE: Basics of Macros - Protein/Carbs/Fats

Macros are like the recipe to reaching YOUR GOALS.


  • Unit of Measurement of Energy

  • Caloric Deficit = Weight Loss

  • Caloric Maintenance = Maintain Weight

  • Caloric Surplus = Gain Weight


4 calories per gram


  • Enzymes

  • Hormones

  • Immune Health

  • Structural Proteins

  • Contractile Proteins

  • Maintain Lean Muscle Tissue


Spread throughout the day: 175g of protein and I eat 6 meals = 30g

  • Men Shoot for 30-40

  • Women Shoot for 20-30


Protein helps ensure more fat LOSS


4 calories per gram

  • FUEL for higher intensity OR ENERGY

  • MINIMIZE processed carbs

  • & Aim for

  • Whole grains, starches, fruits, veggies, etc.

  • Know your food groups! Ask if you need help, it can be tricky.



9 calories per gram

  • Fuel for lower intensity/energy

  • Hormone Production

  • Protection/Cushion

  • Need the minimum amount regardless to help support

  • The 1st Phorm App puts aims for 40g for Females and 50g for Males.

  • Wild caught fatty fish, nuts, seeds, nut butters, olive oils, avocados

Features in the APP for tracking:

  • How to track macros: START and you will see!

  • Save meal

  • Copy meal

  • Recipe builder

  • Copy entire day

  • Barcode scanner

If you need help with any of those let me know. Message me and I’ll send you a link to the easy short tutorial videos.

Advisor Roberta RS in the 1st Phorm App

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