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First walk after full hip replacement
See Randy back there behind me!? 🤣

This is truly one of the happiest days of my life!

Two days ago I was in surgery having my first titanium hip installed for a full hip replacement. I was walking on my own the next day, but the walker is very important as a safety net. Sudden pain could cause a muscle to buckle and a fall.

My hip is very swollen and I'm icing it, apparently the swelling can last weeks or months, so it is important to stay on the icing procedure.

Never having had a major surgery I was terrified, but the pain of last week taught me that I don't have much choice, I must just go through to get to the other side.

Here I am, I'm at the other side now! Even though I can walk without the walker I have to take little baby steps, heel to toe.

I must be a light weight when it comes to medications because as soon as I got to the operating room, as they were explaining the what the spinal block would feel like - BOOM I was out. I don't remember anything except waking up in the recovery room. I guess the happy juice in the IV was enough to knock me out before the spinal block.

I have not been weighing myself, I figure it's enough to focus on healthy macros with a calorie cap around TDEE. I get weighed enough at all these doctor visits and I was pleased to see that the morning of the surgery with my thick clothes and shoes on, I weigh exactly the same with no weight gain. I don't plan on getting on a body weight scale any time soon, but I'll keep a eye on my macros in the 1st Phorm App which I absolutely LOVE. It's easy and fun.

Dr. Jaimeson told me later the hip was really bad. Yep, Randy and I just discussed that there wasn't much choice except to have it replaced.

It took extra long for the spinal block to wear off, my legs were paralized for about 3 hours, it was quite frustrating! I was awake and wanted to get moving.

Once I got feeling back in my legs the PT went very quickly! I went up and down the stairs, walked to the restroom, and showed that I could take care of myself with a few movement modifications.

ready to go home after full hip replacement
Yay! PT is done and I'm waiting for Randy to come get me!

I was so happy to get to go home!

When we got out to the SUV and I had to figure out how to get in the passenger seat, I stepped up on my left leg, and then used the overhead handle to lift and swing myself in. The nurse said wow, she is strong.

I can't wait until later this year Randy and I can go hiking.

Or do a full body workout!

The nurse came to see me at home, and so has the physical therapist to do the first evaluation on me.

I still have a long healing journey ahead of me, but Randy and I are ready, and I so appreciate all the love and kindness from so many of you.

The left hip is scheduled to be replaced in early June. I'm ready for it!

Today was the first walk down our driveway, my first walk for several years now - Yay! Even though my hip is swollen and sore, and I have to take heel to toe little baby steps, I'm walking with straight posture now and not the strange gait my right hip gave me for so long.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, messages, and all the love. I appreciate you all more than anything.

Onward! We all have our lives ahead of us, no matter what is going on.

couple Hiking in the woods pre y2k
Randy and I have always love hiking together. This is in the early 1990's.

I kept this vision in mind, that someday I'll be hiking with Randy again, and doing so many things again that I have not been able to do for a few years now. Mainly, someday I'll be able to really walk again!

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