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Living with no regrets...

Randy and I survived our freezing cold shift last night. We've been married over 30 years now and it's great to have the memories and lessons of life over all those years.

I'm glad we went to the Caribbean once, we might never do it again. Even there, we saw good, bad, and ugly and had some lessons of our own.

In this sunny picture I had just recently lost the 85 pounds at that time, and it was my dream to be on a tropic vacation and feel good in a bathing suit. I got to do it!

But then, life goes on. We get older and the memories are so precious.

We've always been a team! Here we are working in the blistering heat of summer as well.

Having work and working through problems is a tremendous blessing.

My friend came to visit us last night.

We were freezing like we were in this picture, although we did have on more layers last night and were not walking eight miles like we did in this picture at the Truckee River.

My friend is an amazing person and it was great to talk about important things in life and lessons learned. She has some real battles she is fighting right now. Shes also survived some other battles in the past, and she is strong. She is a survivor.

I didn't take pictures last night as we worked the lovely Christmas event at a church, where people were ice skating and watching a beautiful light show, and drinking hot chocolate by the fire pits, with christmas music sifting through the brisk cold air.

I'm enjoying living in the moment more in my life, especially after leaving big social media. It's a side effect I've noticed since leaving. I thought I was handling it well at the time, and I was! I left because I can't support the platforms which engage in social engineering and propaganda. I'm very sad for people who think they need to be there, because they will never realize how much they really don't need it until they leave.

And I mean, really leave! Like delete it and never go back. Close that door and realize that no matter how well you think you are handling it, they are social engineering you, and you are supporting a platform that takes advantage of the human element for their own purpose. It's not designed to help you with your life or your business. It's purpose is to use you completely, and mold you into serving their agenda.

My friend and Randy and I had hours to chat as we kept the place safe, and dealt with a few situtations and helped people solve a few problems.

The conversations and interactions are so important.

My friends dad is our supervisor at the Sheriff's department. This is him and he is one of the greatest men on all the earth.

Randy and I have learned so much from him.

Sometimes when he calls us, we see the call coming in and Randy says, "It's dad!" Sometimes he calls for me, and other times he calls for Randy. Usually it's Randy because they coordinate the scheduling of details together, but Randy says "dad" likes me better!

Sometimes we can learn so much from the experience of others and it's great because if we listen, we don't have to learn it the hard way. We can think about how we will handle things before the problem arises. It usually turns out different compared to what we might have thought, but preparing the mind helps make a better outcome.

It is so great to ponder all these things in life on this fine Sunday morning.

Well, I've sipped my coffee and it's now gone. It's time for me to fix my hair and take my pictures in the My TransPhormation App, just like I said yesterday, I don't feel like it.

I'd rather sit here and type, and write messages back and forth with my friends.

But life goes on.

And I'm living with no regrets.

I hope your Sunday is beautiful, full of love and hope, and some living in the moment, being a team with those around you, and solving problems every day, with a few moments of blessing as well.

I can't wait to look over the pictures people have sumitted all year long, and see what kind of progress they have made. Sometimes it does take all year! And those who stay the course and don't give up, in spite of all the adversity and problem solving, will reap the rewards.

Happy Sunday!


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