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Legends of Hummingbirds say...

hummingbird artwork

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbirds delicate grace reminds us that life is rice, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life's sweetest creation.

I received this card when I finally made it to our small-town post office today. It was from a beautiful friend in here. Yes, each personal connection has meaning and my friend and I have been connected online for many years now, almost a decade, I think. She lives up in the great white north, where there is already plenty of snow. She thought of the hummingbird posts I have written about over the years, like this post with our hummingbird video.

hummingbird video inside forum

By the way, you can search on keywords inside the forum, near the top next to the right of “Create New Post” is a search icon. That’s how I found this post from a year ago about hummingbirds.

Search for pasta and there’s the post with the macros and recipe for chicken parmesan pasta. Yum! Yes, carbs are not the enemy! Too many carbs or portions too big are our enemy. The correct portion size and number of portions for the day of anything we love is our friend.

This week is Thanksgiving, so the message of the hummingbirds is precious and timely.

Randy and I are still always on our quest for health and happiness, appreciating all that we can, in spite of so much in the world that seems against so many of us. We know it's not just us feeling the pain. We know that everyone is under pressure. We know that it's so very important to know each day is a gift.

age 62 at the gym
Randy and I had a super-efficient day

We had a super-efficient day today. We both got fasted blood draws done at mid-day. I packed some soup and coffee and we got a workout in at the Sheriff's gym. All that in one drive into town, with no extra stops for food since we were prepared.

We are now safe at home with the fire in the wood stove and kitties sleeping around in the house. It feels like winter.

I'm on track with food, and I intend to enjoy Thanksgiving treats with Randy all spread out over days this week so that I can stay on track.

This is the hardest time of year for people to either lose body fat or maintain. Often, we still need to lose some when this season hits.

It's still a choice, we can still maintain or lose, and still enjoy many treats in moderation. We don't have to have everything every day. Everything we get is a blessing! Each day we can have a blessing and a treat.

No reason you can't. There are many tips and quotes in a book I read a long time ago "Naturally Thin" by Bethenny Frankel. My first impression when hearing the title was, yuck, something by skinny girls in Hollywood. No, that's not the case at all. It's a wonderful healthy minded book, full of quotes that ring in my head often, or rhyme with quotes I had already learned through my own experiences swimming against the tide of a "big meal" too much food society. I especially enjoy the book and the quotes in my head when I'm on a roll and I'm out there battling with the world of food.

PS the book is sold in many places, I found a link to the book at Target, among many others (NOT an affiliate link)

Don't get me wrong, food is not the enemy. I love food, all food. I love good food. I often want MORE, because I love it so.

It's not weird or selfish to want to be a healthy body weight. Society would like us to embrace being bigger, and many other things we do not wish to embrace.

You can choose what you want to embrace. Even if I'm not perfect, I choose to embrace healthy portions, and a healthy body weight. That means that when my weight creeps up because I've been enjoying a little too much, I'm also going to have to embrace some days of hunger, within reason. Maybe some fasting between meals.

It's not about depriving, it's about keeping things in balance.

Remember, each holiday is typically one day in a week, so it's not necessary to celebrate with food every day for the next 5-6 weeks. Pick the days to celebrate with food, and eat enjoyable food that helps you with your goals as many days as you can. You can even be selective about macros on the "celebration days." You can choose to have just 1-2 carb servings, and focus on protein and veggies any day you want, even a holiday! You can enjoy without having it be a free for all. And of course, there are many good little sayings to have in your head in Bethenny's book which I highly recommend.

Let's make this week amazing and I hope you get some of life’s sweetest creation!

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