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Laura's Protein Smoothie recipes inside...

It makes me so happy to hear your stories and to see other's supporting each other on the community blogs inside the members only forum on Nibbles Fitness.

I know it's hard to learn something new. What? Another app to install?

But the Wix app and access to the forum is worth it. Everyone is finding it's easy to use.

There is a Nibbles Fitness blog and forum. This article here is on the Nibbles Fitness blog, and it's where I write things that the public and can see is viewed only on a desktop browser.

But members only on the Wix app can view it and comment on this post, and the outside public won't see those comments. It's nice because it keeps out spam and trolls.

On the FORUM side of the Wix app for Nibbles Fitness is where the private members blogs are. This is where you can keep all of your stories in one place, and it stays in cronological order. It's not all jumbled around like they do on the social media sites (they do that on purpose to play emotional games with your head, did you know that?)

I walked away from social media except a little on Parler and YouTube and Strava. I can't wait to get my Bluetooth HRM so I can start sharing more workouts on Strava, right now it's just my outside bike rides.

I am so much happier without the extra noise that those major social media sites put in my life. It's not the reason I left, it's the side effect I noticed once I left. Instead of spending time producing "stories" I'm calling people on the phone and talking the old fashioned way.

It's so much more real. If you want to be on my list for phone call rounds (in the USA) message me here inside the Wix App chat and I'll send you the link to sign up.

If you want a blog of your own inside, simply send me a chat on the inside and I'll get you setup.


But now for Laura's Smoothie recipes:

Laura keeps a blog inside and also uses the My TransPhormation app where we message each other there and talk on the phone and do our check ins. She has made amazing progress and I am super proud of her. I know how hard it is to inch along with progress and "trust the process".

If you want coaching on the My TransPhormation app, just send me a chat message inside the Wix app and we can get started.

Laura's recipes are a perfect example of what someone can learn to do to help stay on track all year, including the holidays.

Here's the actual recipes:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This site and the forum are made possible by the few people who support me on my 1st Phorm site. If you wish to try the Vegan Protein Laura used in her recipes it's HERE, and if you do use it, please message me and let me know. Let's chat!

See you on the inside!


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