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Kitty, Jenia update, and hike

scottish fold kitty cat while study

My little study buddy SweetiePea came up to keep me company while I study.

I don't feel like taking my pictures and assessment in the 1st Phorm Fitness App where I coach people, but I will. Why? Because I've done it every week this year since January 1st. I'm determined to keep my body healthy even though every day something wants to pull me away from caring about that. So many things seem so much more important than that! And it's seems so true, but it's a lie, because your ability to deal with those issues is a reflection of how you deal with THIS issue, right now.

The key is to think about what your little choice RIGHT NOW will do for your future, whether it seems silly or meaningless or useless or hopeless. That little choice matters, and all the little choices add up.

It's how I lost 85 excess pounds over 10 years ago and have kept it off all this time, now at age 60, bebunking all the myth's about female mid life hormones (yes! I suffer them too and much more aging issues! It does suck to get old, but we don't have to give in to the myth's society feeds us.)

So I will take my pictures now, and I will get on with my day.

No one else will look. No one else will care. But when I look back at my year which is now half over, I'll know I didn't cheat myself of caring about my health, my body, my future, my life. Just like I will keep studying for this exam I'll take at the end of the month, not because I feel like studying a bunch of computer geek things that wants to put me to sleep, but because I will feel great if I pass an exam that most people fail the first time they take. I don't know what will happen, I'm scared to death of failure, but I'll do everything in my power to pass. And I'll regroup if I don't and keep going anyway until I do pass, even if that's not the timing I wanted.

I'm always here for the people I coach who want to let me know how they are doing. I will show up every day. People can come and go as they please, I know everyone is too busy with things so much more important, but I'm here when they want to check in anyway. I just get on with my day too, and check for messages daily and always make time to respond.

If you want in the Fitness App where I'm a volunteer coach, just let me know. You will need to subscribe to the 1st Phorm App (about three dollars a month) with my link (just ask for it) and that fee goes to the 1st Phorm App development team and it's how you are able to do all the cool things in the App like messaging me, tracking your progress and logging daily food or making meal plans which I can see and help with, doing your weekly assessments for me, and all the things that will get you to your long term fitness goals.


Jenia update! Jenia is doing really well. I especially love hearing her voice when we chat on the phone because she is full of life and it always encourages me to go for that hike, or keep studying, or whatever it is that the day has for me.

She is now in a Physical Therapy facility and is getting stronger. She has a goal of getting strong enough to go home by the middle of this month so that she can begin the next phase which is radiation therapy.

Please continue to keep Jenia in your prayers as she fights stage 4 bone cancer. She said she is starting to post on FB again and started a new blog "inspired and learn along with me as I live with cancer as a companion"...

...for those of you who want to follow her along on her journey.

When I chatted with her yesterday I told her I was about to go on another hike and told her about needing to be careful about mountain lions. A guy on a trail nearby recently had called 911 because he was being stocked by one and they came with helicoptor to scare it away.

This trail I hike has no cell service at all, so I'm on my own and must keep my wits about me. The GPS signal does work and that helps me a little, but no listening to music and I must constantly look around and behind me to be aware of being stocked. They normally hunt at night, or at dusk and dawn, so hiking alone in the middle of the day would be best as well, even though it's very hot in the summer.


Speaking of mountain lions!

deer hoof on Euchre Bar Trail

There was the evidence of them right in the trail! That got my heartrate up for the rest of the hike! OMG.

It's good to face reality, even if it's not fun. I did pass several hikers coming out and some were wearing the little white Apple earpods. I wonder if they saw the evidence?

Euchre Bar Trail sign

Here is the start of the trail.

Euchre Bar Suspension Bridge

I love this suspension bridge!

Roberta standing on Euchre Bar Suspension bridge

Be ready for anything, feet on the ground, based in reality with the calculated risks.

Wildflowers on Euchre Bar Trail

And still take a moment to enjoy the wildflowers!

Wildflowers on Euchre bar trail

Another perspective of the same flowers, these are trail right on the other side of the suspension bridge after I walked across.

view of American River from Euchre bar suspension bridge

A view from the suspension bridge as I was heading back up the hill.

View of American River Euchre bar suspension bridge

And another perspective from the bridge. It was a quick break, knowing I needed to get back up before the mountain lion went on the prowl. I was praying that they were all napping and content with a full tummy already.

Map and elevation of Euchre bar Trail

Here's the stats for the hike available via the fact that I had a GPS signal and Strava recording it for me.

Start of Euchre bar trail

As I neared the top, almost to the car, I continued to look back behind me. It's important to not let up on your awareness.

So that's my latest update. I hope you are all well, safe, and healthy.

Happy Sunday! Pray for Jenia and all those who are in need of prayers.

I'll continue to fight my own little battles in my life, enjoying the hikes, bike rides, wildflowers, and studying to keep my brain alive and active as it will deteriate just as your muscles do if you don't use it. All these things are blessings and today is Randy's birthday so I'll celebrate him as well.


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