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I'm super excited to be wrapping up this semester. Many of you know, starting back to college is very hard in mid life.

Most of us are afraid of failing, afraid we can't do it. Fear stops us.

Plus, it's just plain hard. We have a lot of problems to solve.

I remember a few years ago when I started my Nutrition and Kinesiology courses. I was so afraid. So much of the material was foreign to me. Some of the nutrition was organic chemistry and I hadn't even taken math or chemistry to prepare me for how hard it was. But I managed to get through it. I showed up every day and did the work. I ended up on the honor roll for the first time ever in my whole life.

Now here I am at age 60, taking Mechatronics.

Yes, I'm still scared, and afraid of failing. But I know if I show up every day just like I did for my Nutrition and fitness certificate, that I can do the same thing.

I finished last semester with more A's, through hard work and not at all gifted with a technology brain. I"m doing it!

At the beginning of this 3D printing class, I was practically in tears a couple of times, thinking I would need to drop the class before the official drop date! But I kept going, and here I am, finishing my project for this sememster.

There is no reason why you can't do the same thing too. With anything! Do not say the word CAN'T.

Can't is a lie.

It's your fears, and society, telling you the lie.

Trust me, I'm not anything special. I'm just living my life to the fullest every day.

I don't have time for negativity and drama.

I have just enough time to work hard, get a workout in, eat healthy, sleep, give my sweet man a kiss, call some of my friends to see how they are doing, message some, check to see if Randy needs me to help with anything in our lives, and keep going.

I'm going to do it every day I'm alive.

I'm grateful that I can walk with my own two legs and do the things that needed to get done today.

Who else will count their blessings, and keep going, with whatever it is?

Let's do it!



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