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Just the facts Ma'am!

Randy's boss left him this breakfast this morning. Now, I know this is not the healthiest breakfast and Randy knows this too.

It was a gift. Kindness, gifts, and food is precious!

I'm glad Randy enjoyed it.

He's a male who is 6'1" tall, his TDEE is approximately 3000 calories. This can easily fit into his daily plan and he will include healthier meals. He can maintain doing this on occasion.

Just the orange juice alone is about 190 calories of carbohydrates.

I couldn't find the exact meal but this one was close. The fast food website is a resource you can probably find most fast foods.

How would this fit into my day as a 5' zero female with a TDEE of 1500 calories? It's about half my day if I want to stay the same and not lose any body fat.

That's the facts Ma'am.

And trust me, I know, I'll still be hungry later and can easily eat way over my TDEE and not feel like I was pigging out. Thus, this is how ballooned up to almost 200 pounds over ten years ago.

This is why I might seem like a fanatic to some people. Even Randy said last night that I eat like a bird. Well, yeah, compared to his TDEE of course it would seem that way.

Part of our battle on this journey is helping others to realize that if we ate the way they did, we would be extremely unhealthy.

His picture made me hungry! I have a lot of work to do today on my homework and sometimes it's hard to focus when we are hungry, so I quickly ate a level-1 bar just now and I'm back to typing. My favorite is the Chocolate PB Pretzel. Randy informed me that this flavor is horrible to him, so the two boxes we just got will be for me. But I have to budget those in too! It's not fair! But Just The Facts Ma'am.

He can eat those bars as a snack (he likes the peanut butter lover and caramel flavors). For me, it's a full meal. So not fair!

But just the facts Ma'am. As a 5 foot female I don't get to eat like Randy.

PS did you notice how little protein is in that McGriddles meal he just ate? I constantly remind him about protein. He often has his level-1 protein shakes in the morning and he loves them. He also loves beef jerkey and those are good snacks for him.

This is why it's hard for most of us females to lose body fat or maintain. This is why it takes a constant effort with the lifestyle. We don't get to "just lose the weight" and then lay back on our haunches.

The awareness always needs to be there, but it doesn't have to be gruelling. Sure, some days are hard, but if you are trying to lose body fat just a slight deficit under your TDEE is the most sustainable.

Too deep of a deficit and you'll rebound. It's a slipperly slope, and you can feel like you are doing great until suddenly it doesn't work anymore.

I call it a tightrope walk. The lower your body fat the more narrow your calorie margins, the same goes with being short and female, although many tall men struggle too.

We easily play mental accounting games with calories even when we know the score, and yes, we know the Fact's Ma'am.

Life will deal you punches, and you have to roll with them. Most of us need a community of like minded people to lean on and tell our stories.

Yes, I get bombarded with the temptations of breakfasts like in the picture. We all do, it's not just you! That's the facts Ma'am.

One solution to the problem of this meal being too many calories is to split it with someone. Or, split it and have one half now and one half as another meal later.

Most of us are capable of eating the whole thing and feeling fine or not too full. Some of us might have a tummy ache because it's too many carbs and fats all at once.

It's easy to think there is something wrong with you when "you love food" but that's the silliest thought ever. Most of us love food, and we need it to survive. I'm sorry if you think "fasting" is a plan. It's not a plan, but it's a good tool. I fast when I sleep and I fast between meals, every day. Sometimes I have to fast longer in between some meals if I want to stick to my calories and protein budget. That's just the facts Ma'am.

The key to success is making a plan. You might not always stick to your plan, but the more you do, the more success you'll have.

If you don't have a plan, well then you are constantly shooting in the dark. You miss the mark more often than you hit it. You must make a plan BEFORE you eat. Make your plan for tomorrow NOW, then follow the plan. Just the facts Ma'am.

And late at night after work I may not feel like putting in the work to keep myself healthy.

But every day is precious. Every meal is precious. Our health is precious.

It's worth pushing though like Stacy in the forum. I gave her the nickname Miss Consistency years ago and it stuck, and it's perfect for her. It can be a perfect nickname for you as well, if you just keep going and don't give up. It's not about being perfect, it's about putting in little steps every day.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing! Quit waiting until "you are ready", life doesn't wait for you like that. Time has a way of slipping through your fingers. When one crissis or event is over, another one takes over, on and on for the rest of your life. There can sometimes be a right time, but often the right time is NOW even though it doesn't feel like it. You don't have to wait until you are an empty nester, because trust me that's when other things start filling into your life to take the place of raising your kids.

We'll have a little Nibbles Fitness Team chat this evening and get caught up. We gotta stick together in this battle.

Just a little Nibbles Fitness Get Together and Check-IN

Date and time:

2/17/21 4:00 PM - (US/Pacific)


30 minutes

The meeting link is in the Nibbles Fitness Forum as well as in my announcement in the My TransPhormation App.

Feel free to join me in the forum and in the App. I'm helping people with logging their nutrition in the App, learning new workouts, and making better nutrition plans for themselves. As a subscriber in the My TransPhormation app you have access to daily morning interactive seminars which are extremely helpful to many.

If you are new to the App, you need to message me ASAP so we can setup a time to chat and get you started. If you accidently get setup with the default advisor, just drop him and add me with my Advisor ID the same day as you add the app.

Let's make this the best Wednesday of the week, right?

Just The Facts Ma'am.


Nibbles Fitness

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