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Just bide your time...

I know it's fun sometimes when you really stick to the plan! Especially when you are aggressive with the plan because results happen quicker.

But we don't always get to do it quicker.

But when you really stick to the plan, results come.

It doesn't matter the rate of speed. You may look at someone else and think why is it easier for them. How are they able to do it?

Sometimes they have a season where they can handle more stress of a deeper deficit. But they will also have seasons where it's harder.

So stop looking at them, and start looking at YOU. What do you need to do, according to the stress in your life, and whatever obstacles you need to over come. THAT is what matters.

Go at your own rate. Just keep going.

Sometimes we just have to do the process longer. Sometimes there is so much in life that it's hard to handle the stress of a deep deficit. Sometimes it has to be a slighter deficit, not as many days, and some days it's right at TDEE with the exercise making the deficit, even if that's almost impossible to measure.

I dread it when I know I'm doing that, yet THIS week won't show it yet, but if I keep going, and don't give up, and keep doing that process I just described, that feels impossible, then I WILL get results in time. I just have to keep doing it and bid my time and not give up.

I'm dreading measurements, weigh in, and pictures today, but all the little check marks per the picture will be done today.

Life goes on. Have a beautiful Friday 💪

Let's bide our time.

I'm here for you.


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