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Jenia and stage 4 bone cancer

mid life women enjoying wine

Many of you know Jenia. She is fighting for her life at this moment. She is on the far right in this picture and has been a part of the Nibbles Fitness community since day 1. She's got a blog inside the forum but it's been a few years since she has been able to post in there.

This picture was June of last year (2020) and it's when her hip really started hurting but she didn't know yet that it was the breast cancer which metastasized to her bones. We were really worried about her but she was the most incredible trooper ever, as always.

Many of us remember her from the Venus Forum days:

jenia first blog

I always loved her blog posts! She's always strong, positive, and full of wisdom and truth.

When the breast cancer started in June of 2018, she started a her own blog journal:

beautiful country road

The title of her blog is, "It’s The End of the World As I Know it, But I Feel Fine"

Jenia has always lived life to it's fullest, and she is doing her best right now, in the fight for her life. She hasn't had time or energy to write these days, but her blog is worth visiting to as she has documented her love for life, music, exercise, food, wildlife and nature. I love the titles of her blogs which match some of the music she loves.

jenia happy with camera

She loves photography as you'll see if you visit her blog, and you will also find this poem she wrote.

In Times Like These by Jenia LeFevre. Wednesday April 1, 2020

What to do in times like these

The world in panic from disease

How to cope in times like these

When social distance, they say we need

Can we thrive in times like these

Back to basics, our world can breathe

Let’s slow down in times like these

See the beauty, smell the rose, hear the bees

Appreciate your life in times like these

Love your tribe, your home, the trees

Come together in times like these

As we raise our vibes and ask, “oh please”

Let us grow in times like these

Love thy neighbor and keep the peace

This is our chance; the times like these.

jenia and roberta tahoe california

Jenia came to visit many years ago and here we are in Tahoe California. She has always supported me with Nibbles Fitness. We've chatted a little on the phone the last few days and Jenia sounds as strong as ever, her voice and expression full of life, but I know it's hard and I know she's scared, and I know it gets lonely in that hospital room right now. She has her mom and some incredible friends who come to visit. The staff is looking for a professional physical therapist who can help Jenia get strong enough to have radiation and chemotherapy treatments, so please please please everyone keep Jenia in your prayers.

Indeed my dear friend Jenia, this is our chance; the times like these.

To show our true colors, to be real, to put what is important first, to look back with no regrets. Stay strong, and know that you are deeply loved by many.

I love you my sweet friend. I know you wanted me to put this here so our girlfriends will know what has happened.

Love always,


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