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It takes 90 days

before and after transformation

I'm not feeling it. I'm tired. I feel too old. My hormones and bones are acting up. My sciatic nerve is pinched most of the time. I have a million homework assignments due every week. It's winter. It's cold. It's still going to snow this year. The list goes on.

Rolling over and staying on the couch won't make me feel any better. I know what it's like to manage the pain, and find ways to do what I can do, everything is modified.

So what? It's a new season. I refuse to let myself rot.

Did I feel like taking these dang pictures today? No. Do I ever feel like taking them? No no no.

This is only 60 days, it takes 90 days or longer to really make things happen.

But some people who have more weight to lose have made tremendous progress with that.

It slows down when you get close to your goal, or are maintaining like I am.

Heck, it's a miracle I can maintain if you knew all the health issues I'm having right now, but I'm actually losing just a slight bit of body fat, and the fact that I can keep muscle is totally a miracle right now. Working out is hard for me because my body is broken. But like I said, I'm going to keep doing what I'm capable of doing.

The time is NOW.

You see those days are going to keep ticking by. Soon it will be spring, then summer, then fall, then winter and an end to this year. Will you still be in the same place? Or will you get up and do something about it.

Those who are really winning the game with me are taking their assessments seriously. Every week they weigh in, take at least their waist and hip measurements, and fill out the assessment in the app, where it prompts you to take your pictures, then you send in the assessment and it HELPS me HELP YOU.

The assessment puts all your stuff right in front of me so I can look it over and we can chat about it.

So many people got their groove just recently. Because it takes time to get in the groove.

I know, you feel like you are the only one who fails, or who goes slow, or whatever, but the truth is we all feel that way.

I'm feeling particularly inadequate right now, but that doesn't matter. I'll keep going. I have a few of you counting on me and my committment to you will always be important to me.