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It matters

I can't believe this challege is almost over! But for me it doesn't really matter. I take my pictures in the App every week for accountability, Sunday when I took these pictures it was day 136 of the year 2021.

There is no coach to look at my assessment, there is no one who cares about what I see when I look in the mirror. Just me. Well, Randy cares, but he would love me even if let myself go. I do know how hard it is to work just to stay the same, and I know if you want to change, you are going to have to have even more patience, be even more forgiving, and push through some grit and even a little hunger... not so much hunger that you binge or feel ill, but to find that slight edge of the tightrope to walk.

No one can tell you what the formula is for that. You have to be willing to listen to your body and journal like it's the most important lab experiment you have ever done. No one is going to do that for you. Only you can do it.

It means, all those little bites on the days you didn't think it mattered count. It's easy to have a bite of this or that and think, it's just a little. And then you forgot that you even ate it. It's an honest mistake that humans make. When you make the mistake, you have to forgive, but you also have to find a way to do that less. The way you lose weight is to have more on track days than "mistake days". And the mistake days need to not be over TDEE, that's why TDEE is so important.

It's just like paying off a debt. You spend calories every day. How will you spend those calories you eat. Will you eat enough protein? Will you count all the little bites? Will you measure what you spend, or be free like a credit card where you forget how much you spent? If you really want it. That's what it takes. And it also takes keeping on it when you feel like it's not working. You trust the numbers, just like when you pay off your debt. The anchor is the numbers. If you don't like the numbers, then you shoot in the dark just like trying to run your household budget without looking at the numbers. Why would losing weight be any different than that? Because emotions get in the way of facts.

If you keep making the same mistakes over and over, what will you do to fix that? You can't keep saying "Tomorrow is a new day." forever and expect it to be different. You have to really change something. It's hard to change something. It means taking away the enticements that make you fail. It means asking people in your life who care enough to help you with that. It means getting the junk out of your house. It means locking some things up. It means whatever needs to be done so that you really have a chance of not just saying "Oh well, tomorrow is a new day." Sure, that's okay some days, once in a while, but how many of those days will determine if you have so many that they constantly negate the on track days, that you just stay the same.

Like me, I'm just the same, year after year, challenge after challenge, week after week. But it's my body fat that's just the same and that's just calories and protein and doing what I can with limited workouts. I don't weigh almost 200 pounds anymore, not even 140 pounds any more. But I have to put in a certain level of work to stay the same.

There is just too much food available everywhere I go, and if I don't put a little effort, it's the wrong food, the wrong portions, the wrong macros, the wrong nutrients, and so I could easily creep back up to what I was. In fact, it starts to creep up contstantly just due to portions and the fact that I love food. So I have to knock it back down, over and over and over and over.

Think it might get old for me too? Yes. But do I want to walk around in my little world not looking like the person I know I am inside? It does matter! Even if I did it alone in my own little world and the internet went away, or I just decided to stop sharing my life online. Being the good steward of my body and mind does matter.

So, back to my study schedule, back to my portions and protein, back to my simple life taking care of chores and things that need to get done in my tiny little mountain community. I will keep going, and I will care for the few who come with me.

Some people will say it doesn't matter, or that there are more important things, but this is just as important. No matter what you do, no matter what your profession or what work you do - your body is the powerhouse that enables you to do that, it holds your brain and your heart. Most people know good nutrition makes your body work it's best, and that includes nutrients, protein, portions, etc.

And every single day when you look in the mirror to brush your teeth or whatever, something in your brain tells you yes it does matter.

It does matter!


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