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If you've got chains...

He's a chain breaker!

That was the song I was listening to at the gym this morning when Netty posted this story in the forum.

I was feeling a little low. Like, what am I doing with my life and why?

But this and other victory messages coming in helped me know in my heart, that this is what it's all about.

If you know Netty, and as you can see in her story, she is humble and she praises God for her blessings. It all ties in with the song by Zach Williams - Chain Breaker. It gave me goosebumps and continued to fuel my workout.

I hope you enjoy Netty as much as I do!


Nibbles Fitness

PS Yes Netty, I remember all of it!!! ❤

Netty's story, in her own words:

I am very excited everyone! I am down 3 pounds and feel very good about it! I have increased activity and intensity of workouts. And trying something different with nutrition. I stop if my body says so... there are still certain exercises I cannot do. I have one incision that is not completely healed.

I still get sad that I let myself go after being in the 140s for so long. And I clearly remember it took me a year to lose 33 pounds !! Remember, Roberta?!

It was Jan1 2017 and I got on the scale #178 . I had been heavier before #215 but it was way back in 2003.... had lost it and was in 140-150 but gained slowly over time Yo-yoing up and down.

By the end of January 2017 I met Roberta Saum online and began to learn learn learn... about macros, calories, TDEE, exercise, etc.

I still remember the reading the posts about how mitochondria work in the body from cardio exercises... lol!

Those are the kind of things that I like to know ... HOW things work and WHY! It was important to me that there has to be some kind of rationale behind action.

I also learned that I was not destined to be obese just because my family are obese and extended family! That I can change all of that... my genetics do not “doom” me !

Again, it took me an entire year to lose 33 pounds. That is less than 1 pound a week.... and it was very frustrating. But I did it!

Summer 2019, I started gaining again. I kept trying to convince myself it’s just a pound or two here or there I could easily lose it. But the thing is I was not tracking my food or exercising regularly.

We were traveling a lot that summer and early fall and I did not really care too much about eating right or making that time to workout.

I started noticing physical changes inside and outside of me that I did not feel well and ended up going to a doctor in January 2020. They found a mass in my pelvis and over the next year I struggled with that and how it made me feel physically and mentally.

With Covid, last year, I could not have surgery. I kept convincing myself that I was just in a funk. And I needed to quit making excuses and needed to get out. I would rally for a week or two and then just be so tired and give up again.

Part of that was a real result from a physical condition and part of that was also making excuses BECAUSE of the physical condition. And I had to come to terms with the reality.

Roberta consistently reached out, called me, rallied, offered help, And emailed and showed up every. single. day. What a coach!! What a friend!!

Many of you know that I recently had surgery on January 4 this year! It took an entire year to get Into surgery to get the mass removed after they found it.. Why? Because it was non-emergency🙄 (I won’t go there as the medical/healthcare system just ticks me off) by the time they removed it it was 8 cm x 12 cm.

It was an endometrioma that was full of old blood and continued to get larger and larger every month. When they originally found it it was olnly 4 cm x 5cm. It had grown so much that it completely engulfed my ovary but even worse than that, everything was pinned down to the side of my uterus held there with a web of endometriosis. I was bleeding slowly inside Making my hemoglobin drop and unable to come up, not low enough for transfusion, but enough to feel tired and short of breath some of the time.

So, it has finally been removed along with my ovary and both fallopian-tubes.

Praise God. I am on the mend! I am doing lots of research on endometriosis prevention so there is less of a chance of it coming back.

Hmmm 🤔 guess what? most of what I’ve been reading all has to do with diet and exercise! I refuse to take the very expensive Lupron shot that will put me into menopause for the next 6 months, among many other crazy, long lasting side effects. I’m not ready for that!

I choose to try natural remedies and focus on my health!

Roberta, I love you dearly! you have given Me the tools to succeed and be healthy! Not only that but my health journey with you started my husband on his own health journey (way back in 2017) and the two of us are so grateful for you!

He still asks about you, Roberta and what is going down in the forum! Lol ... you have become a loyal friend and an important part of not only my life, but Craig’s as well!!

Love you tons❤️



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