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"I want to be like you!"

breakfast biscuit portion control

"I want to be like you when I grow up!"

Not the little plate to the big plate though! haha.

How does it make you feel when someone says that to you?

I was having a rough day last week, but somehow got myself to the gym when we picked up my car after a blown out tire!

As I was working out a beautiful young woman was doing a great workout in the free weight section with me. We never spoke, but we politely worked around each other and smiled often.

When I was done and packed up to leave, I stopped in the cardio to chat with a friend. As we were chatting, the young woman walked passed us and said "I want to look like you when I grow up!"

Roberta 61 year old fitness

I found that amazing because honestly, even though my upper body is strong, I literally limp my way from one machine to another. It has been a long hard dark year for me to come up with my own workout that is doable with many modifications. Even so, I'm super strong in my upper body and people see that when I workout at the gym. My hips still wear me down on my mental fortitude when I'm out and about. I don't feel like anyone that someone would look up to at all.

The rewards are not just about the workouts. That is actually the easy part. Nutrition always matters and it's the one thing people sometime forget that can make or break the achieving of their fitness goals.

The same goes for me. I don't get a free pass either. I don't get to eat that breakfast in the picture every day. It's a rare treat. I can guarentee you that if I didn't understand this concept, I would not have gotten those words from that beautiful young lady.

Some people ask what do I do when my husband eats totally different and can have these things that I can't really have every day?

The picture at the top is typical breakast that I make Randy. It's what he wants for breakfast. He does focus on protein and veggies for his other meals. He's learned a lot from me.

It's not that I can't have that extremely high calorie food. I never say I can't have them. I always say I choose not to have them today. The right day will come when I have them. Yesterday I made myself a small egg, bacon, cheese, and biscuit sandwich. It was amazing. I only used one slice of bacon and about a half ounce of cheese and I logged all the macros.

Other days I have none of it (like today), and on some rare days I have a bite of everything, and some days like yesterday I have a smaller portion of some of the same thing.

Some days I save the day with a little fasting and planning the rest of the meals, perfectly on track. Other days are at TDEE and some are totally blown with a little ice cream binge (not enough to give me a tummy ache though!) I never beat myself up on whatever it is, and I know not to allow myself to eat so much that I feel sick.

It's not perfection, we'll all have bad days (like I did yesterday), but it's our long term streak that gives us rewards. Just like the young lady at the gym the other day, saying she wanted to be like me.

Message in the 1st Phorm fitness app

And just like the message I got last night from the other side of the world that gave me a good feeling as I feel asleep.

I think yesterday was the first day in years that I did not write a post anywhere. I was so miserable. But I got that little message in the 1st Phorm app that made all the difference in the world to me. I fell asleep thinking about it. It have me just what I needed to keep fighting the good fight regarding should I keep going with making posts, or wondering why do I even do this?

Not too sound too horrible about that though, I do interact with many daily, no matter what, in private all the time. If they make the effort to communicate, I always meet them in the 1st Phorm App. I show up every day, even when I'm miserable.

64 year old fitness model

One amazing friend who walks this journey with me is 64 years old, and check out what she's been up to with me in the 1st Phorm App, as well as others on her own team who are helping her.

It's hard, but we can all do what we choice to do with our goals, one day at a time, one decision at a time.... And with a streak of consistency. It's the streak that gives us the reward.

The streak is made with the simple little decisions every day.

The game plan:

  • 1. Track your food

  • 2. Hit calories/protein

  • 3. Drink your water

  • 4. Get 45 minutes of movement.

That's it. Simple.

Execute those FOUR THINGS then repeat.









It is NOT the marathon day. It's all the simple little boring days at we make FUN just like my friend Jenia does every single day and posts about it in the Nibbles Fitness Forum evey day.

60 year old cancer warrior

Jenia is a warrior and she gives me hope.

We all need people to help give us hope by the light they shine, but in the end, it's ultimately up to us to do those simple little steps even though we don't feel doing it most of the time.

That is what discipline is. It's not motivation. Motivation is as fleeting as puppy love.

Anyone can have discipline. It's earned over time, by doing things over and over even when you don't feel like it.

Who has a story about the rewards of a good streak of discipline, feel free to comment!

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