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I'm so freakin' hungry - winter!

It's always something, right? So many things can make us hungry 😩

And it's beautiful ❄

The college semester started for me this week. It's going to be a lot of work, but it will worth it. There is so much to learn with how to

operate Simulation labs. I'm not thrilled with virtual classes. It will be OK. Right now I'll enjoy the days I can work online and won't have to drive to school.

I will tell you more about it in the forum soon.

And it's below freezing at our house 🏠 and the warehouse work is freezing 🥶. I have lots of layers on and I packed extra food.

Yes, I wanted to make progress on a deficit this week. It's not over yet but the last few days ate at TDEE whether I like it or not.

Haven't I told so many of you that TDEE is not cheating? Sometimes it's necessary.

Sometimes you might have too much stress, not enough sleep, whatever it is, we all have these seasons.

TDEE is what your body actually needs.

We can sometimes get so caught up in doing the calorie deficit for fat loss, that we treat it like it's the norm. Our body can adapt to it and

it might feel normal at times, but it's temporary and the body will sometimes rebel against it.​ People tend to think something is wrong with themselves, or that they are weak, but that's a big fat lie.

The calorie deficit is corrective action. It causes stress. Sometimes you feel stress and

other times it's sneaky and it creeps up on you.

Or, it might be just cold and the middle of winter! There is something to this, not just the temperature but the amount of daylight. Or it

might be how much you are exposed to the cold, like working in a garage or warehouse environment.

And then you can add any other kind of stress!

Me, I'll just remind myself that it's okay to eat at TDEE, and I'll keep taking my micro nutrients, greens, reds, high EPA and DHA Omega-3, liposomal vitamin D and Vitamin C to keep my immune system strong!

Who remembers your TDEE and how important it is?

Who remembers why TDEE is a win?

If you have any questions about that, or why specific micro nutrients are important, and what gaps you might have feel free to message me and ask.

Let's keep fighting the good fight.

Who's ready for spring?

We must be patient and bid our time. The story of life, right?


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