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I'm not good at that!

book and coffee morning sunrise

Life moves so fast, that you can look around and see people around you are achieving and wondering why you are not achieving the same thing.

You might start saying "I'm not good at that."

And you start believing a lie.

What can you do to stop this?

Stop comparing yourself to others. I know this is easier said than done.

Stop saying you aren't good at something. Start finding what you are good at.

Sure, some people have a certain gift or quality, but they have to work at being better at it.

You have gifts and qualities too. We can't all be the same, the world would not work right.

girl alone at beach at sunset

It is easy to focus on the negative and ignore the positive, so make an effort to start focusing on your qualities. YOU have many. Your are beautifully and wonderfully made. You have a purpose, likely many.

Learn ways to quit the perfectionist mindset. We can be good at things and not be perfect.

When you look at a picture that seems so perfect, realize that it's actually not perfect, but the person captured a perfect moment in time.

It takes time and practice to get good at things, anything you decide. I have a few small examples of things I got good at that truly was horrible at:

Makeup: I never wore makeup, all my life. When I did a couple of photo shoots in my 50's (also for the first time in my life) I relied on others to do my makeup for me.

I said "I'm not good at that."