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I gain weight too easily!

weight chart over one year

It never seems fair! I always feel like something is wrong. But the bottom line is that it really is the calories consumed daily. It’s easy to forget about some of the high calorie things we eat that didn’t seem like that much. Ever notice how quickly we can eat a cookie, cake, or a donut or whatever? Even if we are not rushing it, it goes by so fast, it’s gone, and I don’t know about you but I always want another, and maybe even another after that. Even when you just have half, it adds up into your daily total so quickly. Then there’s that cheese, or a handful of nuts, the mayo, granola, or trail mix. All the wonderful healthy foods that make your total creep up to TDEE or over.

Sticking to a deficit is hard, it’s like spending with cash. The treats and wonderful foods I just mentioned are like spending with a credit card. It didn’t seem like much, and it’s easy to forget about them as you go about your busy day. That’s what mental accounting is. It’s easy to think about the hard work you did with your nutrition plan suited to your goals, and easy to forget about the “credit card spending” treats and how much they add up. So, it never seems fair!

I have felt this frustration time and time again, even after I learned the lessons when I lost the 85 pounds over a decade ago. I always feel like there is something wrong with me. It is even easy to say it’s because I’m so short, but I have seen that the taller ladies struggle with this same thing. Sure, when we are short one pound is a bigger percentage of our body so we might notice it more. I’ve lost 5 pounds in the last two weeks and both Randy and I can see a huge difference in my small frame.

It's not easy for me to focus and say no to all the temptations. It’s not easy to stick to it and allow my body to adapt to less calories. Once I get through the hardest phase, just dropping the calories, cutting meals in half and spreading them out more, not snacking, and all the hard choices, I can get on a roll. But also, I just got so freaking tired of seeing the body weight scale go up, I knock it down, then it goes right back up. I know that the reason it kept going up is because I didn’t keep my focus as diligent as I should. It didn’t seem like I was eating that much. I was still hungry. It MUST have been a deficit. I was doing so well and it wasn’t working!

The truth is, it wasn’t working because I had done the weird mental accounting with food intake. I thought I was eating the right amount, but I wasn’t, and that body weight scale actually told me the truth, fluctuations and all. The truth is, if it’s really a calorie deficit even someone like me who has a hard time losing weight will actually lose the body fat.

And now it’s Friday. It’s the weekend. I don’t want to lose the progress I made. I can easily throw it all away in one day or even one meal. The only way I’ll see myself drop down below 130 next week is to keep my focus on the progress. I’m even more motivated now, because I did make progress. THAT is where true motivation comes from. It’s not anything you can get from someone else. You can only get it from your own steps.

Only 1 pound of fat

By the way, ONLY one pound?

And I just lost five, so giving my self a high five and moving on!

Let’s go, shall we?


- Due once a week!


- Every morning M-F @9am Central Time

- Two Days That Hold Most People Back


1.) PRETRACK: spend some time this evening pre-tracking everything you plan on eating tomorrow!

🌟 If you plan on eating out, check the menu online and decide/track what you plan on ordering!

2.) HIT PROTEIN EARLY: that way if the day gets away from you, you have set yourself up for a win by still hitting your daily protein goal.

3.) GET MOVEMENT IN EARLY: most of us sleep in on the weekend. Don't! Get up at your normal time and get in 45 minutes of movement so that way you can be more present later in the day!

Guys the WEEKEND GAMEPLAN is a PROCESS that will help you get the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE LONG-TERM not just challenge mode!

30% of our ENTIRE year is the weekend…

Just think, if you fall off Friday-Sunday every weekend… you are only getting 70% of the results, or worse!

Weekends can benefit you. You can use them to keep momentum forward.

Or, they will keep you where you are or even cause you to backslide.

Will you get tired of that like I did, and do something about it?

You choose how you want to live your life, remember that!

No one else does for you!

Keep Working.

I hope you win today.

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