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I'd rather be chubby and enjoy food!

Food and 60 year old fitness female

That's what someone in my spin class said. I told Randy and he replied "Why does it have to be one or the other?"

Exactly my thought. You can lose weight, or be at your goal weight and also enjoy food. You always have to eat! Every day. You don't get to just "not eat". And it doesn't have to be boring. You can plan perfect macros with foods you already eat.

I hate it when someone looks at you and thinks you got where you did because it was easier for you, that's a lie.

I hate it when someone assumes you don't enjoy food because you learned to not be chubby anymore, that's a lie too.

Just because you say yes to something, doesn't mean you have to say yes every single day.

Just because you say no to something doesn't mean it's never.

But the bottom like is, you are not likely to be able to have wine and cake and ice cream every single night. Those are every now and then treats, but they are meant to be enjoyed.

The bottom line is, you will have to say no sometimes and develop the habit and enjoy learning to sacrifice.

What do you think about that this fine Sunday?

PS I am loving all your beautiful posts in the forum. It makes me look forward to posting a question every day. What a wonderful group of giving caring people! THANK YOU!!

PSS there is still a 1st Phorm $50k challenge coming up soon. They are about to announce the exact date. The best time to start is NOW. You don't have to wait for an announcement. This is a lifestyle I help people with all year long in any season. The sooner you get started the better because you don't learn it all in one day or even in eight weeks, we all learn every day. Have I not wrote about this often enough? I'll keep saying it, like a broken record. It's a lifestyle. It's on going. You don't do it and then you are done. I'm still doing it and I started over 15 years ago. I don't get to stop either.

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