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How winning $50k is like making your bed.

Scottish Fold kitty sleeping on quilted bed

It's because it begins with simple habits done consistently. Our pets love the bed made every morning as well! This is SweetiePea, a Scottish Fold who comes up every morning when she senses I'm making the bed!

Weight loss progress graphs in 1st Phorm App

I've got a number of people in the 1st Phorm App with me, some want to do the challenges and some don't. The one thing they all have in common is they execute the simple play every day and every week. Who knows who will win the $50k? These people are all winning at life!

The game plan play in the fitness app

The PLAY never changes, just like making your bed every morning and the precious pets loving it never changes. It's that simple. We make it complicated in our own minds, but all you have to do is get back to the play. Run the play. Run the play. Run the play. There is even a daily checklist in the App which is really cool, and when all the things are checked off it transforms into a fun bullseye target.

mid life female weight loss transformation

One of my beautiful friends, Lynne, has been experimenting with her nutrition for a couple of years. Lynne has proved that with enough protein to overcome anabolic resistance in mid life, along with good nutrition and a slight calorie deficit, we can succeed!

beautiful mid life female weight loss
Just Beautiful!

This picture does her hard work far more justice. This is just as hard, if not harder, than being far more overweight and losing body fat.

There are $50k winners for all three eight week challenges every year, but probably even more important that that is that there is a winner every year in January, where 1st Phorm looks at everything people have done all year long! Who's been making progress all year, doing their assessments all year, interacting with their advisor all year, and tracking their nutrition and measurements? These are the people to execute the play every day like making their beds every day. The simple little game plan. And when they are not perfect, as none of us are, they pick right up, they engage with their advisor, who is there all year long, every day, through every season, walking the talk with everyone else. It's just about executing the play, over and over.

I am 5'0 and have gone from 197 pounds to 116 pounds. The 116 pounds was for photo shoots and stepping on stage for a fitness competition once, but I've found I'm happiest around 120-125 pounds. Right now I'm working down to 125 pounds, having started the year at 131 pounds.

60 year old female at the pool
I'm 60 with bad hips, so what?

I'm currently at 127 pounds, but I've lost a lot of muscle in my upper legs do to my deteriorating hips, which hopefully can be fixed with hip replacements. The lack of ability to do many things as well as the pain can make it hard to mentally continue with nutrition and fitness, but hasn't the recent events of the world taught us that health is our most important asset? I must continue!

personal messages in app

I LOVE helping people in the 1st Phorm App, it keeps me going. It reminds me constantly of the simple play, just like making the bed every morning.

It's about daily conversations

I sent Patty a fairly lengthy explanation on how TDEE is calculated and averaged for the most accurate number. It's something I learned during my college nutrition certification and have continued to learn about with myself and helping others over the last ten years.

Patty started just a short time ago and she went from not knowing how to track food, to becoming quite proficient in a short time. She doesn't always feel like she is doing well, but she lets me know when she struggles, and we chat in text or on the phone, and we work through it. You see, it takes time. It takes longer than eight weeks.

I know this too, because it has taken me about 15 years to get where I am now with health and fitness. Losing the 85 pounds was well over 10 years ago now, but the learning and adjusting has been continuous. No matter how far we take this, from just living the lifestyle to becoming a coach, we all have to put in some of the play or game plan every single day. The process might change slightly, and there is more room to enjoy, but we can't go back to such an undisciplined emotional eating style which doesn't serve our health well. We don't just get there and are "done". That is the mistake most people make, and it's why they rebound.

When you get the very simple habits down, just like making the bed in the morning when you don't feel like it, you learn that you can get through and keep it up best you can when "life happens". Just like me going through my hip problems and upcoming surgeries. I proved this a few years back with my hernia surgery. These are the times in which nutrition and getting enough nutrients and protein for recovery are so important. These are the times when portions do matter because gaining weight is not necessary and is harmful to our health! Yet, most people take the emotional path of not dealing with it and do the opposite. No matter what is going on in your life, the time is NOW.


The Nibbles Fitness Forum

It may not always seem like it for those not used to being active in a Forum, but a lot's happened over the last couple of months. We are forming a safe place, free from advertisements, free from other noise created by social media algorithms and worse. We love and support each other, especially those who step out of their comfort zone. The Spaces App with Nibbles-Fitness and the Forum are actually easy to use. Easier than making your meal plans, and just as easy as learning to make the bed.

October challenge prizes given

All those who participated in the October positivity challenge consistently received their gifts. Since Cherrie posted many of her own pictures with her daily stories she got a soft fuzzy blanket with her pictures. THANK YOU Cherrie for taking the time to share your stories with others. Even when people don't respond, many watch from the sidelines, either too busy too shy to participate. As many found out, stepping out of your comfort zone brings you tremendous blessings and friendships.

Group workout support

Since then, Mendy started a workout group and it's super fun to watch them progressing. Mina and Gina have been active in the forum, but the workout has helped out Patty. I wish I could participate, but I will once my hips are fixed! For now I can swim, sometimes bike, and do a few upper body lifting exercises. During this time Patty stepped out of her comfort zone once again, like she did learning to track her macros in the 1P App, and she's working out now and getting support from others.

healing important for overcoming self sabotage

Mendy also makes posts which encourage others. See, people are watching, even if we don't see them respond. Mendy brings up things so valuable in life, that play a big role in our healing from the things in life that can hinder us and bring self sabotage to our health and fitness goals.

beautiful Christmas gnomes custom made

Mendy also shared the story of her gnomes. She's sold a few and booked a few more and we are super proud of her. She shares her stories of adversity and overcoming, and finding love and joy in life in spite of it all. We love you Mendy, thank you for all you do for us! You are one of the most precious people I have ever known! And, you are very talented with photography and art. I love you so much sister! You bring so much life into my life.

Gift of friendship and pursuing your dreams

Then there is Jenia, precious Jenia, who overcomes tremendous adversity and yet remains a positive light and a strong example of a pioneer woman. During the October challenge she shared one story of having a dream to oil paint but it was too much for her to get the tools and the lessons. Both Mendy and I had the recent thought to send her a starter kit gift so she could go for her dreams. We loved seeing her reaction in the Forum! We love you Jenia and we can't wait to see what you create as you pursue one of your many dreams and keep on living life to it's fullest.

You see, health and fitness are merely the empowerment we can have to live life to it's fullest. It's learned in little tiny simple steps every day. It's not the marathon run in one day. It's just a few steps every single day. And if you have struggled because you don't have community or an Advisor who will help you with your daily nutrition goals, then this is the place you can find that support. Just like Patty said in her text picture earlier in this post. We are real. We are the real deal, right here right now, operating in the truth that sets us free.

You can join the Forum in the menu on this website and apply for access. If I don't recognize your email or name I'll send you an email. If you don't respond to the email, I'll decline. I need to keep the Forum safe. It's very important to let me know who you are and why you want to join.


Our goals don't care how we feel!

Our goals don't care about how we feel, and neither does making the bed, but it matters what we do. Several people have won the $50k this year, and another person will win it soon, and then another in January. All because they executed the play, just like making the bed, and by doing it even when they didn't feel like doing it.

The true winning is the empowerment you find in your life, but the $50k can be an added plus to that these days.

It's just running the simple play, every day, and getting back up as soon as we can when we fail and fall down. We all fall down. Those of us who win at this game, get up as soon as we can to execute the play again. Over and over. All year through every season, not just for eight weeks and quitting. The trick is learning to get up as quick as possible and now wallowing around down in that mud pit. It's time to get up now!

For those who wish to join me in the 1st Phorm all-in-one Fitness App, I'm there all year long. This is a lifestyle I'm passionate about. Simply download the App with my link, send me a text message in the App, and let's get started. With the free version of the App you are welcome to take pictures and try things out on your own and if you take your pictures you can still be eligible for the $50k. If you want better success, and using me for accountability and texting, chatting on the phone, remaining consistent with weekly assessments, and private teaching from me, get the premium version and text me in the app to get started.

PS If you are in the App already, either with the free version or the premium, and know someone personally who could use my help and is ready for it, have a chat with them and then use the referral link in your menu inside the App. It's the best way to show appreciation if I have helped you. If you have questions about this referral feature, just let me know!

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